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I'd been feeling ok in terms of side effects (moody and tired) but after the trigger shot my stomach was so bloated. Turns out the nurses were all lovely, the anesthetic worked awesome and didn't make me sick.
After that, the best thing was the next day I got a call and all 5 eggs had fertilised, then 4 had made it to day 3! This entry was posted on December 16, 2013 and is filed under egg collection,infertility,IVF.
Click through the belly pictures below or head back to the main gallery to submit your own unique twin belly photo! 10 Weeks 4 Days - Second Pregnancy This photo was taken today, I already picked up some weight and can not fit into some of my pants. Twin Pregnancy at 6 Weeks 1 Day After over 4 yrs of trying and our 1st successful IVF cycle we are now pregnant with twins. Twin Pregnancy at 9 Weeks Unknowingly pregnant with our 2nd set of fraternal twin boys.

9 Weeks Pregnant - Don't Know If It's Twins Yet Here is my pregnant belly at 9 weeks, don't know if it's twins yet, but my mates keep saying it's twins, lol. 7 Weeks - 0 Days With Twins This is a baaad picture but this is my belly at 7 weeks, 0 days.
Twin Pregnancy At 11 Weeks 4 Days  This is a pic of my twin belly at 11 weeks and 4 days.
9 Weeks - Pointy Twin Belly - Fraternal Girls Here I am with one of the pointiest bellies I have seen yet. 12 Weeks With Fraternal Twins I am actually 14 weeks now but haven't taken a new pic yet.
11 Weeks and 6 Days - My Twin Belly I am almost at the end of my first trimester,pregnant with twins. 10 weeks and 1 day We are having farternal twins:) Due August 11th 2009, We cant wait!!! 11 weeks 3 days - Fraternal Twins This is my belly at 11 weeks 3 days with fraternal twins.

Early Signs Of Twins In Pregnancy - Our Top 5 Indicators Jun 02, 16 09:58 AMTop 5 early signs of twins in pregnancy. They said it was like having a few glasses of wine - which for a none drinker was a very helpful analogy.
I wasn't sure if that was bad but 5 is better than 4 or even none so we were very happy with 5!
I am a fraternal twin and my husband's father is a twin who had twins and his twin had twins. My stomach was so sore and tender for about 4 days afterwards and i'm talking serious cramping.
Everything was allll good! As I was being wheeled out of the room I was like "is it all over?

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