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Anne Ochs is an elementary teacher who started writing in 2006 and began writing professionally online in 2010. Late-preterm babies have immature immune systems, which can lead to a greater risk of developing infection.
Your late-preterm baby has lungs that are not fully developed, which can cause your baby not to breathe well.
Your late-preterm baby might have a weak suck and swallow reflex, which makes it hard for her to feed.
I am the mother of one precocious preschooler, a set of adorable twins and the wearer of many hats-- mommy, wife, belly dancer, teacher, library student and writer. I really admire your strength here, can't have been easy to carry them so long while being so small. She currently writes articles within the areas of education, parenting, fitness, home and garden. Your late-preterm baby might have an infection if she has difficulty feeding or breathing, decreased energy levels or poor temperature control. Your baby also might be at risk for apnea because his brain is not fully developed and he forgets to breathe at times.

Your baby might have a hard time waking up for feedings or giving you clues when she is hungry. You're only 4'11'' That is really amazing, you are so blessed to not have had any major complications!
Download Your Survival Guide Here Practical advice and strategies to make the early years with twins more fun. Ochs currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education and graduated from Regis University. A baby born at 36 weeks gestation is at risk for jaundice, infection, and breathing, feeding and temperature challenges. Bilirubin is produced by the liver and the liver of your late-preterm baby is not fully developed at 36 weeks gestation. If your baby is not feeding well, she is at risk for low blood sugar, dehydration and inadequate growth.
Finding out we were having twins at about 6 weeks was a total shock, considering there are no twins on either side of our families, anywhere! Since your baby might have a weak suck and swallow reflex, it might be hard for her to stimulate your milk supply to come in.

I'm only going to 38 weeks but I often dream about what it would be like to end this early. We have a 2 year old well almost two, she'll be two like two months before the twins are due (Oct 27th). If this happens, you can pump your breasts after each feeding to stimulate your milk supply. I am pretty short too, only 5'1'' and I had horrible complications with my daughter, was in the hospital about a month before she was due (37weeks) because of high blood pressure.
I'm really trying to be careful this time around and drink plenty of water and eat lots of healthier foods, because I do not want them to be in the NICU!!!! Well I hope everything turns out the way you would like for your delivery, if you haven't had them already!

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