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You are getting closer to introduce your baby to the world; so there is no wonder that your feelings change from one hour to the other.
The hormones are changing during pregnancy week 30; so mood swings and nesting syndrome may appear more obvious.
This is the most common condition in your late pregnancy, most importantly on hot days or being on your feet for longer time.
These veins become worse in your late pregnancy because of exertion of more pressure on the veins of your leg. Back pain is always a constant companion and constant urination can occur as often as every 10 minutes.
Practice relaxing exercises that help you in reducing the fatigue, back pain and general discomfort. Try your best to sleep on the left side to help improve your circulation and use the pregnancy pillow or normal pillows to help you feel comfortable.
Do regular exercising and consume the foods rich in fiber like vegetables and whole grains.
When you feel severe heartburn, it is better to sleep in a recliner chair as it gives great comfort. Blood pressure may fluctuate, so avoid standing up too fast or changing the position too abruptly for you will risk getting dizzy and losing balance.

In 30 weeks pregnancy, your baby is about the size of 16.8 inches long and weighs up to 3 pounds. The lanugo hair that was developed on your baby’s body will start to fall from this week onwards. Since you are experiencing about the same hormonal changes as in the beginning of your pregnancy, you may feel sad and anxious and experience doubts about your parenting qualities. If your friends throw you a baby shower, make sure you have a good time and make the most of your positive attitude because this type of event will help you fight the pre-birth depression that is experienced by 90% of the pregnant women.
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In the old days, baby showers were arranged only for the first child, but now most of the mothers are welcoming all their children with the same warmth and excitement. This is essential for every pregnant woman because if you and your baby’s blood types don’t match, then there is a chance for you to produce antibodies that can possibly lead to an attack or harm your baby. Forty to seventy five percent of the pregnant women will develop a condition called as pregnancy ankle and foot edema. But if you notice swelling in your hands and face, then it is essential for you to contact your health care provider.

These are caused especially by the weakness in the small veins, which carry blood back to the heart. But, don’t overdo any physical activity, cut down the amount of physical activity and concentrate more on getting proper sleep.
Around one and a half pint of amniotic fluid surrounds your baby now and as your baby grows inside your womb, the amount of fluid reduces. Your little one is practicing closing and opening his or her eyes and also tries to look sideways.
You should also know that the baby even has the capacity to produce tears, and yes, it can happen for him or her to cry inside your womb.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). They appear as fine reddish, bluish, or purplish lines under your skin, most frequently on your legs and ankles. At this point, your little one can distinguish light from dark so it is natural that he or she will respond to it.

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