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We have pictures of all the meals on the meal plan- Perfect for printing for your family to see.
If you are interested in selling our products to your customers, click below to find out details. First, in order for everyone to understand exactly how I got where I am now, I want to list some of the nuances of how we followed the P90X fitness and nutrition program. Aimed to eat between 1,800-2,000 calories on single workout days and 2,000-2,200 calories on double workout days (i.e. I plan to write an entire blog entry on my thoughts on P90X as a whole, but to sum it up – I LOVE this program. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The main factor that will be different from most people’s P90X experience is that we were training for a marathon during P90X.
I was definitely not expecting to lose nearly 11 lbs during this program and over 2 inches off my waist! As I’ve mentioned before, prior to P90X I had run 3 half marathons and consistently worked out 5 times a week for the last year and a half (and probably 4-5 times a week for years prior to that). I'm a runner, triathlete, Ironman and fitness lover living at the beach in San Diego who made a big lifestyle change in 2011 with the help of P90X.
Many also gushed over Middletona€™s cute, light-blue dress, which garnered favorable comparisons to the late Princess Dianaa€™s own dress 31 years ago.
We work on teaching children at an early age about nutrition and engaging them with food activities.
No, we aren’t starting P90X over from day 1, but we do plan to incorporate it into our marathon and triathlon training (marathon June 5 and triathlon July 24). But others wanted to talk most about how great the Duchessa€™s post-pregnancy figure looked because, well, she was smoking!This has been something that people have focused on with regards to the young Duchess, ever since she and the Prince started seriously dating back in college.

I hopped from workout fad to fad diet, trying to find something that worked, and ultimately I think I wasn’t really focusing on anything.
We also share with the parents to help spread the word in the community about healthy eating.
The biggest change for me with P90X was the diet – cutting way back on frozen yogurt, alcohol, sugary coffee drinks, diet soda and big meals on the weekend really made the difference. Now, a lot of people would look at her and think, a€?Well, yeah, of course she looks like that!
I knew that I could make improvements, but I was happy enough with the fact that I could eat whatever I wanted on weekends, indulge a few times throughout the week and still be considered in fairly good shape. Another huge change was going from strength training possibly 1-2 times a week to consistently 3 times a week, with less focus on full-body strength training and more focus on specific body parts. My clothes all still fit (I would always cut back when they got too tight), and I had just achieved my half marathon goal time of less than 2 hours.  I felt that I was fairly healthy and that my weight just seemed to want to stay where it was, as it had for the last several years. Why wouldn’t she look like that?a€?Well, those people would be shocked to know that her routine has long used just a $15 gym ball and dumbbells. And not only that, but Middleton maintains that rockina€™ bod on a size 6 frame not with a professional trainer, but simply by training herself. It shouldna€™t.Prior to her pregnancy, Middletona€™s fitness regimen saw her use those inexpensive items as part of an hour-a-day workout that saw her focus on core exercises, squats, sit-ups, and arm curls. In addition to these exercises in her personal gym in Clarence House, it should also be mentioned that she does a lot of exercises outside, where she does a lot of her running. Going back indoors, she does a lot of rowing exercises to maintain her enviable tone in her arms. For her thighs and butt, Middleton adds lots of lunges and step-ups to those squats I mentioned above.On top of all of this, the Duchess is also fond of swimming, an exercise that helps tone her arms, butt, and legs, not to mention it does a good job to increase and maintain stamina.
When she and the Prince vacation in places like the Alps, they are quick to hit the slopes, and with good reasona€”skiing works both the upper- and lower body, and can burn up to 1400 calories.

Finally, as a way to distress, Middleton is a practitioner of yoga, because of its ability to release built-up lactic acid in the muscles from exercising, and it helps increase the oxygen distribution throughout the body. Whata€™s not to love?Mind you, this is of course her pre-pregnancy workout, and right now, it may take some time for her to get back into this routine. For now, as any mother knows, she is going to have to work off that pregnancy pooch, and to do that she has a special workout in mind. Not only that, but she ramps up that exercise by holding the plank and lifting each leg about six inches from the ground, and then holding it for about two seconds, alternating from one foot to the next.
From there, Middleton uses her stability ball to do some ball bridges to strengthen her glutes, and then ball crunches to work her abs. Back on the floor, she further works her core by doing the floor cobra (really works the glutes) and then some ab-killing reverse crunches.
It is recommended that when doing these exercises, you should start at three sets of 12 reps, and work up to three sets of 15 for best results.Now, ita€™s important to remember that along with every workout routine, a good diet plan must be an accomplice. And remember, she doesn’t have a personal trainer, so she sticks to her own strict diet, which includes lean meats, sea food, and lots of veggies. Probably the most controversial part of her diet is her adherence to the Dukan diet, which her mother swears by. Ita€™s an intense regimen with four stages: attack, cruise, consolidation, and stabilization.
Buta€”but!a€”it is important to remember that she does let her royal guard down and has a sweet tooth, so she indulges in Haribo Starmix and Tangfastics to satisfy her cravings, not to mention she seems to have a thing for eggs, salami, cream, and Kettle chips, in addition to oatmeal and dried fruits. Shea€™s just a girl, working out with her dumbbells and stability ball like the rest of us.

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