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The father of my unborn was, after he had spoken to some know-it-all people, recent parents I think, adamant that I should attend an antenatal class. There were only a few moments when I felt slightly irritated, one of them was the recommendation of homeopathy during pregnancy and birth. There was one moment though my boyfriend almost walked out and this was when the discussion turned to what babies can hear while they are still in utero. For the session on breast-feeding, another lady came in to teach us everything about the benefits of mother’s milk and that we were basically harming our offspring should we, for whatever reason, not breast-feed. Even though breast milk may be superior to formula milk, I honestly don’t think that it makes a huge amount of difference. As a conclusion, we did meet some very lovely people at the NCT class and we even had a couple of outings – imagine a table of 7 heavily pregnant ladies (drinking water) with their scared partners (drinking spirits like water) sharing their bliss, fears and sorrows interrupted by pee breaks in 10 minutes intervals.
I’ve just started my NCT classes (just had the one so far) and am unsure whether to keep going.
I signed up for NCT classes hoping to make some friends in an area we had just moved to, and expecting to get some information about giving birth as an added bonus.
I’m really glad your experience was so good and I am sure that there are a lot of excellent NCT teachers out there, it’s just a bit of a pot luck and NCT should be much more careful in choosing their teachers! There are three stages of labour, even though most people just think of labour as what is technically just the first stage.
It’s very important to not try to yank the placenta out before having seen the signs of the third stage because chances are it has not separated from the endometrium and doing so will cause uterine inversion (it will be pulled inside out).

This is because the uterus is trying to contract down and squeeze off all the little blood vessels and having something in the way or being inside out prevents it from doing that properly. CopyrightUse these images to learn, but if you want to use them on your own website please credit me! DisclaimerAll of the information on this website is purely for educational purposes and has not been peer-reviewed.
He insisted on how good it would be for me to meet some other women in the same situation and that I would have other yummy mummies to hang out with after my baby is born. I’ve been breastfed only for a few weeks and I have developed normally and am hardly ever ill. I found it all a bit pointless and it was actually making me more anxious sitting around chatting with other people that also didn’t really know what to expect. There should be antenatal classes for sensible people, which would also mean that you would meet like-minded couples. I had heard that these classes could be quite biased so was prepared to take the information with a grain of salt and an open mind, however it turned out I didn’t have to. Without the information given during the sessions I am sure that these already frightening situations would have been even more terrifying. I do not normally take the time to comment on public blogs, but I thought it was important to point out that there are more positive experiences of NCT out there. Your comment nicely summarizes what we, mothers-to-be, want from an antenatal class, and this is INFORMATION.

And though you’d think that after the baby is out all the fun is over and the job is done, the 3rd stage is associated with significant potential morbidity such as hemorrhage, retained placenta¬†(which can lead to hemorrhage) and the uterine inversion¬†(and you guessed it, hemorrhage). Not even my suggestion that he could read the Herald Tribune or, if he really wants, porn to the little one could placate him.
Hopefully if I miss a couple of classes I’ll still be able to make these friends that everyone says I will need so much!
Check out a site I created to help girls like us- evidence based and full of sensible advice for sensible women!
For example, I can’t imagine how it would feel to be rushed to the operating theatre and suddenly surrounded by a dozen medics (and no husband) without knowing that this number of medical professionals in the theatre is perfectly normal for a caesarean. Plus, I have five wonderful new friends helping keep me sane in the crazy new world of maternity!
Even though I am a doctor and have learned medical basics about birth and babies during my time at university, nothing could have prepared me for the grisly details of the birth process.  Is ignorance bliss? I found the last class on what to do once the baby is here the most useful and nice I have to say.

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