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The story received more attention when the Georgian Ufological Association (GUFOA) published stills from a videotape.
Exactly as in the other tales of alleged alien corpses, there are several versions to the story, though in this case there is not so much variation as in the Salinas case.
According to one version, she suffered from a mental illness since long ago, and used to visit the local cemetery to collect flowers to decorate her house. It was only when she was visited by her daughter-in-law, also named Tamara, that they found about Aleshenka. Shortly thereafter, Tamara, the old woman, was hospitalized, but not because she was sick, but because of her mental illness.
According to one, Nurdinov was Tamara’s friend, and that’s why he entered her house and took Aleshenka’s body.
They didn’t open a criminal investigation however, as they soon found that the foetus was discovered by 70-year-old Tamara Prosvirin “lying in a swamp”. That Prosivirina suffered from a mental illness would also explain why she could have taken a miscarried foetus home. Chernobrov also made claims about time travel, and I would really like to see the lab results, which were also publicized in 2004, but as Gershtein informs, the local doctors who examined the body, including Ermolaeva, all agree it was a miscarried foetus. The head is perhaps the most strange element in the foetus’ appearance, with what look like petals, but this is due to the fact that the fontanelles were probably lost and the cranium was very far from being fully formed.

A miscarried foetus taken by a mentally ill old woman, died hours later, then found by another man who washed the body with alcohol, let it dry in the sun, and from there to all sorts of alien speculations. An old woman from the village of Kashtim in the Ural mountains, so the report claims, found a dying little creature on the road. One night, on August 13, 1996, she heard a voice in her head telling her to go again to the cemetery, where she found the creature over a tombstone, alive, and took it home to care for it.
Reportedly, however, her daughter-in-law didn’t think it was a human baby, and let her take care of it.
According to another, he actually robbed her house, took the creature, but was then seized by the police on account of another crime – stealing. And I won’t even delve into the many other stories about what happened after that to Aleshenka’s body, they involve the KGB and a spaceship coming to recover it.
The body was found by the police in August 1996 when they captured a thief of electrical cables, Vladimir Nurdin. The story was originally published in 1997 by Russian ufologist Mikhail Gershtein, and I asked him about it.
Probably because the woman told someone in the hospital the Kashtim Police Department entered the woman’s home and found the dead body on August 13, 1996. She told the neighbours she now had a son, named “Aleshenka”, but everybody thought it was one more of her fantasies.

There’s no point in considering them, and fact is, no one seems to know where the body is now.
He showed where the stolen wire was and “for no apparent reason offered to show… an alien!”, said police officer Yevgeny Mikhailovich to a newspaper in 2005. Tamara was later committed to a psychiatric hospital, and Aleshenka died unattended at her home.
The corpse was filmed with a VHS camera -standard equipment of the Russian police these days- when a preliminary investigation (including the use of a Geiger Counter) was undertaken. In any event no normal person would let things as they were, but reportedly, it was what happened. So the creature without care died, but was not found by the police, but rather by Vladimir Nurdinov.

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