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You are now more than halfway through your pregnancy and are probably already warming up for labor and delivery. The muscles, lungs, digestive tract and other internal organs continue to mature during the 29th week [2].
His head grows in size to support the developing brain [5], which is now developed enough to regulate your baby’s body temperature [6]. Once you enter the third trimester, your baby looks more like a newborn than a fetus, with the growing fat layers smoothing out the skin.
The white fat layer accumulating beneath his skin is much different than the brown fat your baby has been developing for the past few weeks.
As he becomes more responsive to light and sound in week 29, his eyes begin to focus as well [8]. With the baby-teeth buds already developed, this is the week when the permanent teeth buds begin to form [9]. Your baby’s kicks and punches are likely getting more frequent as he grows in size and strength. After the 28th week, your doctor will ask you to keep track of your baby’s movements by kick counts. It is normal for your breasts to continue leaking the yellowish fluid (colostrum) as your body is still preparing for breastfeeding.
Women carrying twins should gain a total of 30-40 pounds [15] with the weekly weight gain ranging around 1.5 pounds after the 28th-29th weeks [16]. An ultrasound exam performed this week will show your baby looking almost like he would on the day of delivery.
Your doctor might order a blood test to check the iron levels and to determine whether you need supplements [4]. All the pregnancy resources tell you that the second trimester is the best: good energy, no sickness, manageable weight gain. My next doctor’s appointment is Monday, so I will know if I have gained–I certainly feel like I have! If you (or someone you know) could use some For Two Fitness gear, you can save 20% off your order using code PONYTAIL.
I dont use pinterest but I checked out yours and just wanted to say that Im really impressed that you intend to raise your daughter with brave role models (instead of princesses) and arent impressed by the ‘pink washing’ of girls stuff!
For the tabata hill sprints, I step my feet to either side of the mill during the 10 seconds of recovery. When I got tired during the final weeks of my pregnancies I told myself it was nature’s way of slowing me down. His support, understanding, and love made each moment of life with Susanna within the best. Thank you so much Renae–I know we all have different experiences with pregnancy and I hope my story helps others and you!

Reaching the 29th week means your baby has over 90% chances of surviving with special medical assistance if you were to give birth this week [1]. This week is important for the maturation of the part of the brain responsible for your baby’s personality and intelligence [7].
The waxy white layer of vernix caseosa begins to disappear gradually along with the fine layer of downy hair (lanugo) covering his body [8]. The brown fat is responsible for maintaining fetal body temperature while the white fat (the fat present in newborns as well as adults) serves as a source of energy [9]. The third trimester is crucial for the fetal bone development as well with around 250mg of calcium deposited in his hardening skeleton per day [10]. He will have enough room in the uterus to move about and practice limb movement for a few more weeks before it gets too cramped for the last months of pregnancy [4].
The ideal weight gain by this point of pregnancy should range between 19 pounds and 25 pounds for women with a normal BMI. Colostrum contains certain antibodies that help your baby build proper resistance to prevent common illnesses and fight various infections during the first few days after birth [14]. You will also probably catch him moving his still-thin limbs while making different facial expressions. A biophysical profile or nonstress test might be performed to check your baby’s health, if you notice him becoming less active [10]. The third trimester, those same resources tell you to prepare to be uncomfortable and experience more fatigue.
When I started wogging, I was fine, but then it just didn’t feel right…any suggestions? I think especially since I am all baby as I can see you are, it is very uncomfortable for me and will help me too! I would always just tell myself to do what I could & if I couldn’t, then I could just STOP!!!
My Doctor always said just to stop when things did get uncomfy or if I was feeling really short of breath.
When I first found out our baby was a girl, I immediately thought about raising a STRONG, INDEPENDENT, CONFIDENT girl–easier said than done of course! Mine was a super squirmy one and she is definitely an active child now ?? My tiredness came mostly in the 2nd trimester and by the 3rd I was over it.
Your baby would even be able to breathe on his own if he was born this week, although he would need assistance as he would probably tire easily [3].
The brain will also produce billions of nerve cells during the last few weeks as they stop growing after your baby is born [6]. However, your body temperature is necessary to keep your baby warm until birth as it is still too early for him to start regulating his body temperature on his own [6].
You might also feel occasional rhythmic movements or fetal hiccups that last for several minutes at a time.

Overweight or underweight women should consult their doctor to find out the proper weight gain levels.
So, those planning to go for infant formula instead of breastfeeding should consider it at least for the first couple of days of their baby’s lives.
It is normal for your baby to lie feet-down (in a breech position) at this stage as there is plenty of time for him to turn and come into the proper head-down birth position [17].
I think not putting too much pressure on yourself enables you to accomplish the task at hand! With my first pregnancy I would go to my 5:30am spin class, come home have a bath and usually fall asleep in the tub!!!!
I really hope that is sooner rather than later–walking my Coop is a stress reliever for me…and him!
Each baby has a unique pattern of movement and you have probably grown familiar with the movements of your own growing bundle of joy.
In case your baby moves less, have some fruit juice or snacks, lie down and start counting again. My jogs are a bit slower these days and I’ve read that I might have to switch to the elliptical eventually depending on how running feels in a few weeks.
Near the end of my pregnancy I was doing my best to walk every day but when I wasn’t, I had my feet up. Then with number two I kinda had to laugh at my first pregnancy because there’s no napping when you,re chasing a 1.5 yr old around!
Sound like you are listening well to your body and you’ve kept yourself fit and active as much as possible. With my first child, I ran between 6-10 miles daily, in addition to other cardio daily and weight lifting until about 32 weeks, then slowly I had to start walking with incline and modifying more exercises. Take it easy when you feel you need to, and what everyone always told me, and what is so true … enjoy your naps and resting now while you can!
The reason she is moving more is because she is gaining fat to smooth out that wrinkled skin which equates to more energy.
And truthfully you need the rest for labor and delivery and the extremely interrupted sleep you have to look forward to! While I didn’t end up a couch potato, I did limit my ventures out of the house to just taking my dog on short walks.

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