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Your uterus is now the size of a soccer ball, and it's growing at a steady pace -- about ? inch (1 cm) a week.
The top of your uterus is halfway between your bellybutton and your sternum (breast bone) now, which means you may begin to feel a little breathless as it pushes against your diaphragm. Although mood swings are likely becoming a thing of the past as your hormones level out, it's perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious about the third trimester and beyond. An ultrasound at 25 weeks would show that your baby can grab and hold his feet, hands and even the umbilical cord (which is nothing to worry about, since it's too thick and strong to pinch or damage). If you'll be having a baby shower in the weeks to come, make sure that your baby registry includes everything you need for baby's first days. There's no reason to wait until baby arrives to put together a basic layette, but choose the garments wisely. When it comes to sizes, keep in mind that babies grow quickly in the first weeks and those "newborn" clothes will soon be far too small to stretch over your baby's chubby body.
If you have scheduled a prenatal visit for this week, you will probably be given a gestational diabetes test. Gestational diabetes does carry risks, but early diagnosis gives you a fantastic chance of having a perfectly healthy pregnancy.
This can be a frustrating situation for you, but it's in your best interest to make the most of it.
Saving the blood from your newborn's umbilical cord is a relatively new trend, but it's catching on quickly. But it's not really a question of whether to bank the blood or not, it's a question of where to bank it. Unfortunately, nobody knows for sure the chances that your baby would ever need her own cord blood and whether or not that would be the most effective treatment for her particular condition.
While a little bit of blood after intercourse or a vaginal exam shouldn't alarm you, any heavy or spotty bleeding in the later stages of pregnancy often points to a problem. In some cases, blood can also indicate the beginning of a miscarriage or even the start of labor. It is estimated that anywhere between 1% and 10% of pregnant women will develop gestational diabetes, or the inability to properly metabolize sugar, though the condition may not bring any symptoms.
On the other hand, there are some factors that can increase your risk of developing this condition in the later stages of pregnancy.
It's not a good idea to assume you're in the clear because you don't have any of these predisposing factors, so be sure to have a screening test between week 24 and 28 so you can rule it out or begin treatment. Are you beginning to worry about how this baby will change your relationship with your partner and your family? I’m still feeling pretty good in myself, but I’ve started to notice a few differences, for one I’ve lost all sight of my lady parts ;-) Shaving my legs in the shower is a more awkward too. I’ve become a bit wary of the veins in my legs as one day last week they seemed to be very noticeable, so I was getting concerned about varicose veins but I think it might have been a bit of an over reaction as they are fine now. Right now my tummy is in good shape for the size I am, no stretch marks as yet and my belly button ring is still in. As for peanut he’s moving really well, but seems to have a few days of moving non stop followed by a few days of slowing down, which worries the hell out of me until he picks he picks it back up again. I’ve been loving the gym, I don’t do much but my 20 minutes of cardio are enough to get my sweat on a little and keep me active. I had a bit of a shock this week when I realised that I could give birth any time from the start of September onwards which actually only gives us just over 2 months! We had been thinking of getting a moses basket, but the lovely Amy left a very helpful comment on my last baby update that gave me some food for thought.
I received some gorgeous brightly coloured muslin cloths, a dribble bib and a whale comforter, they are just adorable and you can see how good quality they are.
Hi Laura, I agree about not spending money on a moses basket, you would only use it for a few weeks.
Thanks Mandy, I will definitely look out for those mats, not looking forward to poo explosions!
I really want to try one of those if my periods start back up normally after the baby is born, they look great and good to know they work those muscles too!
That’s a great point Stephanie, I was thinking of swaddling, and I even saw this cocoon shaped pillow thing, but if I can lend the moses basket from my friend that will do the trick. We had a Moses basket and Charlie slept in for about 5 months in the end – if you can borrow one do it as they are great to have in the lounge during the day while they are little and napping lots (hopefully!). I’ve been babysitting my cousin’s baby lately and i would say buy the lightest equipment you can! Oh yes, I am planning as best I can with the understanding that it will probably all go out the window once he arrives, same with the birth plan, I’m not really having one as I think for most people you just have to go with the flow! I loved my Moby wrap when my little one was tiny, then got a Manduca when he grew out of it that is awesome too. From my experience the long material tie slings are really inconvenient, once you’re all tied in its difficult to shift clothes around for breastfeeding and takes time to get baby in and out despite what all the website videos say and when you and baby are tired and fractious its the last thing you need!.

Thanks Karen, I will definitely look at what options we have and see if we can try a few out! I have no idea what to add, although some of my friends have waterproof fabric things (like a tablecloth, but waterproof) that they put down on the floor to catch all the drips and food and bits- then when the kids are older they can be used to protect tables when you do painting and things.
That’s a great idea Maria, I might have to order some nice oil cloth ready for when we start weaning to save my carpet!
A pregnant belly picture in week 25 will probably show your bump quite clearly from the front and the side, but you may be carrying some pregnancy weight around your legs, hips and back, too. And since it's also pushing on your stomach and intestines, your digestion is likely suffering, too. If your doctor has determined from an fFN test that you have a higher risk of delivering prematurely, you may be monitored more closely and told to watch out for signs of preterm labor. A 25 week old fetus measures around 8 ? inches from crown to rump, or 13 ? inches from crown to heel, and his body is straightening as the components of his spine begin to develop. Muscle control is much better now, and Baby's developing nerves allow him to react more quickly. While big pieces of furniture and cute accessories for the nursery are important, you should also consider the smaller things that your baby will use right away.
Although trendy items may draw your attention in the stores, you will thank yourself for putting practicality over fashion when you're changing baby's outfit for the fourth time in one day! Be sure to include on your registry several outfits for her first days, but also some basics in larger sizes so you're prepared for the day when her outfits are a little too tight to be comfortable. Although it resembles other types of diabetes, one aspect sets gestational diabetes apart: it comes on suddenly, cannot be traced to a specific cause and typically disappears shortly after your delivery.
It's a relatively quick and painless blood test that measures your blood glucose levels -- if the levels are too high, your body may not be producing enough insulin and you will need to take a diagnostic test to confirm the results. If you don't have risk factors for diabetes in general, you may be surprised to learn that you have this condition, but try not to worry: in most cases, regular exercise and careful attention to your pregnancy diet will be all you need to manage the condition for the remainder of your pregnancy.
Pregnancy can be a powerful mother-daughter bonding experience (though it can also spark vigorous disagreement), and you may find yourself in close quarters with your partner's family more often these days. Instead of complaining to your partner about losing your alone time or listening to her mother's opposing opinions, encourage their relationship and do your best to show appreciation for her family's support. Many parents and most doctors agree that it's a worthwhile procedure: taking the stem cells from the umbilical cord after birth causes no pain to mother or baby, they can be stored for a long time and the cells can treat some of the most aggressive genetic conditions. You have two choices: you can pay to store it in a private cord blood bank for your own family to use, or you can store it for free in a public bank that will donate it to anyone who may need it. On the other hand, publicly donated cord blood has certainly saved lives, plus public cord blood may offer your child a better chance at recovery or survival if she needed a transplant later in life.
At this point, bleeding that comes with or without pain can indicate a number of serious conditions that would need to be treated right away.
Placenta previa occurs when the placenta doesn't move up the uterine wall as pregnancy progresses, and instead partially or fully covers the opening of the uterus. The bottom line is that you should never assume that a bit of blood is alright just because it stops intermittently or it doesn't come with any pain. Like so many other pregnancy conditions, your pregnancy hormones are to blame; unlike Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, your genetics or your lifestyle won't necessarily affect your chances of developing insulin resistance during pregnancy. Your age plays a role, as women over 30 have a greater chance of suffering from gestational diabetes, and there's a good chance you'll get it again if you have had the disease before.
As we prepare for our little bundle of joy to arrive this coming January 2014, I can’t wait to share with you my growing bump & the life of a first time mom-to-be! Tomorrow I’ll be 26 weeks and today I have my 25 week appointment with the midwife which should be good.
I do feel more tired in the warm weather and sleeping is becoming a little more uncomfortable as my legs get quite achy.
I knew my Grandma has bad varicose veins but after having a chat with my Mam and Aunt, it seems she’s the only one in the family that has them bless her!
As I’ve said before I do have faded stretch marks from when I was overweight, so I’m wondering if my skin is already a little ‘pre stretched’ to start off with, or if my skin care regime is paying off! Obviously I can’t say for sure until I experience it, but I can’t see that I’ll want to labour lying down and I’m envisioning that I’ll prefer to give birth squatting, therefore I want to make sure my thigh muscles are up to the job! I found a great app called my pff which guides you through the exercises and even makes your phone buzz to remind you.
We aren’t doing too bad now we have the travel system ordered, we just need to get a move on with everything else.
We’ve decided that we might as well just go straight for a cot, after all we do live in a small flat so it’s not like we’d ever be far away from him. I definitely want to have a baby monitor with a movement sensor, James’ baby brother passed away, and I have to say it really plays on my mind. Glad that you were able to breast feed second time around, a couple of people have said about being prepared either way so I am definitely going to do my research! Haha, yes I think our pushchair is going to be a hell of a workout, and when we aren’t using that then carrying him round in a sling will be just as hard work!

I was also going to say that I wished I waited till Charlie was born to see what kind of sling she liked as she hated the ring sling and would never go in it happily!
I tried 3 different carriers as my eldest had colic and was only comforted when carried upright, the one that worked for me was the old fashioned baby bjorn. If heartburn, gas and bloating are bothering you, don't force yourself to get through a full meal in one sitting. While certain things are outside your control, you are ultimately in control of your worries, so try to limit them: prepare yourself for labor by taking a childbirth preparation class, keep an optimistic outlook and reduce stress with relaxation techniques.
He may have had a slim chance of surviving outside the womb at 23 weeks, but he has a much better chance now: the blood vessels in his lungs have developed enough to help them take in air, and he is one step closer to breathing naturally now that his nostrils have opened. The increasing sensitivity around his mouth is particularly important, as he'll need those nerves to find his mother's nipple after he's born.
Comfortable clothes that are easy to maneuver over wriggling arms and legs should be at the top of your shopping list. Stick to one-piece outfits and pajamas, shirts with snaps at the neck and a sleeping sack that fits well to keep your baby warm and comfy. Anyone could contract it and it could lead to problems for both mother and baby if left unchecked, so most women are screened for this condition sometime between week 24 and week 28 of pregnancy. When it comes to your family, let them be as involved in the pregnancy as they'd like and at least listen to their advice (even if your parenting styles differ). In the end, cord blood has the potential to make your baby's life -- and the lives of others -- longer and healthier. There are pros and cons to both sides, so you'll have to consider your financial situation alongside the available facts and figures. The result is often painless bleeding that can become severe, and before you know it, you and your baby could be in danger.
See your doctor as soon as you can so that any condition can be diagnosed and remedied right away. While your pre-pregnancy weight could influence your chances, it turns out that your weight at birth is more relevant: if you were over 9 pounds when you were born, your doctor may want to monitor your blood sugar more closely. While many people consider a doula to be a big help in labor and delivery, she can also make for a more satisfying pregnancy experience and help you get off to the best start possible with your new family dynamic. I want to be able to start firming up what will happen for the birth and see if I can get a hospital tour. It’s also looking like I might be able to lend a beautiful organic moses basket from a friend so if we did have him in the living room with us that would work for a few months without us spending extra money. The thought of the sensors going off by mistake (which can happen if your baby rolls or moves a lot in their sleep) freaked me out lore I think! But I’ m loving the posts as bit by bit I am slowly absorbing info so I might have a semblance of a clue when I get pregnant!! One of the oldest (and strangely trusted) old wives' tales says that you will carry a girl higher in your abdomen and a boy lower in your belly, but take every prediction with a grain of salt. But even though the skin (which is still covered in lanugo and vernix caseosa) is becoming more sensitive, it's still thin and wrinkled because your baby has not yet built up much fat. Ribbons, wraps and buttons make for adorable outfits, but they will also make extra work for you. Pregnancy and parenthood can bring rough times, and you should take any help that is offered to make your lives easier. If the blood is coming regularly (whether it's a light or heavy flow) and brings abdominal pain, it could be a sign that your placenta has separated from the uterus prematurely, which could catapult you into shock. Certain ethnicities, your level of physical fitness, a history of prediabetes and problems in previous pregnancies could also increase your risk. Look into doulas that offer prenatal and postpartum support, and choose a woman that both you and your partner can trust and respect.
As for any kind of theme we aren’t really going down that route, it will be more an eclectic mix of things! Your muscle tone, height and body shape will influence how your belly grows, and first time moms-to-be may even find that they're not showing as much as they thought they would by this point. Give it a few more weeks, and those wrinkles will begin to smooth out as your little one puts on weight. And besides, nurturing a relationship with both sides of the family is sure to enrich your child's life with more helpful and loving influences. I have seen a great fox cushion so we might have a few fun woodland inspired toys and cushions for him which will be cute, but other than that lots of bright colours!

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