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When it comes to boosting fertility and making the lifestyle changes that make a BIG difference – it is the steps you take on a daily basis, every day, that make the biggest impact.
One of the most impact-full steps you can take on your fertility path is to eat a healthy fertility diet. This 125 page eBook is perfect for those of you whom healthy eating is new and overwhelming; but is also helpful for those of you who may need some new ideas and recipes for your fertility diet.

This eBook includes 21 smoothie recipes, 21 juice recipes, 21 salad recipes (including fertility friendly salad dressings) and 21 dark leafy green recipes.
So to make this fun and help you reach your amazing goal of a healthy pregnancy and parenthood we have created the 21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge. I created this eBook in a way to help you every single day during your diet challenge; to know what to eat, how to prepare these foods, and offers enough variety that every pallet will be satisfied during the 21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge.

It also includes a break down of the Important 5, tips on how to make menus and plan out your meals, how to make a great smoothie, how to make salad prep easy and much more.

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