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This week marks 2 big milestones for me – I celebrate my 25th birthday today, AND I’m halfway through my pregnancy! Aside from a visit from my good friend fatigue, I have been feeling GREAT since I last updated you at week 16. I started my last semester of classes and am loving being back in the schools with the kids again.
Sleep: My fatigue has set back in during the past week or so, and sleep has been an adventure. Milestones: Feeling baby move, J feeling baby move and hitting the halfway mark of my pregnancy!
Thoughts and feelings from dad: Excitement and anticipation for finding out the gender of Baby M on Wednesday. It’s crazy to think that we’re already halfway, (past halfway really!) and while I feel like October is still forever away, it feels much closer when I think about only having ~19 weeks left! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I am already 20 weeks pregnant and we will be meeting these babies in about 16 weeks. At week 20 there is a picture inside the womb of fraternal twins, at least it’s better then nothing.
What I miss: I miss exercising and not stressing about everything I am doing that might hurt the babies. I’m not having twins, but one thing that I’ve learned through my pregnancy is that our bodies are SO smart! I know you are right and I have trust that my body knows what to do, but sometimes it is hard to believe.
You are on the opposite side of me at first I wondered what it would be like not to have a son, but as I carry these girls each and every day I can’t imagine having a boy at this point. I know exactly what you mean about all the negativity on the internet when it comes to twin pregnancies. The best advice I can give is to try to eat sensible and gain the recommended amount of weight.

I am 20 weeks and 3 day and yesterday my boyfriend and I found out we are having a boy and a girl. My name is Renee and I am a 30 year old wife and mother to four little girls; a 6 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old identical twin girls.
Since getting pregnant, I definitely look at my students differently and enjoy interacting with them in a whole new way.
It’s difficult to get comfortable, and I wake up 3-5 times a night to go to the bathroom.
Adam actually suggested Adeline back in late February, just a few weeks after we found out we were expecting! We also love that Adeline is almost a little old school sounding, but still so classy and sweet.
I look super tired in this picture, and I’m not really sure why, we took it right after we got home from church??
It is definitely a hard decision choosing to announce the name – Tim and I still go back and forth about it everyday ?? ENJOY these mid – second tri weeks! I’d say just enjoy the next month or so — those were my favorite, most comfortable weeks of pregnancy (so far)! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I am 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys and went on line looking for some info because I feel so tight and big already!
I am so thrilled to be welcoming these two girls into our lives and I can’t imagine it any other way.
Unfortunately, my hips and lower back don’t particularly love the pressure side-sleeping either. I think we felt better about revealing her name too after knowing that everything at her 20 week anatomy scan was a-ok. At least we think so ?? Of course, I imagine now that we’ve picked it, it will soar to the top of the popularity charts next year.

Week 19-24 were the bests for me and the past couple weeks I have now started to battle a bit of hip flexor pain and lower abdomen pain. I know he loves his girls and is so excited for our twins to join our family, but someday will he wish he had a son?
Fit for Motherhood is my journey through motherhood, pregnancy and life in general all while trying my best to be fit and healthy. Keep up the great work, and I’m sure your body and those babies will continue thrive. Our bodies do adjust and I am actually more comfortable now at almost 31 weeks than I was at 20.
I am getting ready for the detailed ultrasound and like you I am nervous to think anything could possibly wrong. I know exactly what you mean, there was not a day that went by that I wasn’t nervous. Fit for Motherhood is my journey through motherhood, pregnancy, and life in general; all while trying to be fit and healthy, most of the time. Also don’t forget to rest throughout the day, ask for help, and teach you two older kids that Mommy needs rest time. Everyone has asked if we’ll call her Addie for short, and while I imagine at some point friends and family will refer to her as Addie, I do hope to mostly call her by Adeline. I still can’t believe I have two babies in my belly and that they will make their way into the world in no time. There aren’t any sites that actually make a mother carrying multiples feel more at ease. I love reading your blog because it helps me know what someone else was feeling when pregnant with twins.

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