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The belly is definitely growing (sadly, along with other parts, ha!) and I can’t wait for my anatomy scan next Wednesday!
Symptoms: A lot of the same…acne, peeing a lot, tired, can’t focus well, emotions all over the place, round ligament pain when I run, get lightheaded if I stand up too fast.
Looking Forward to: Seeing my family this weekend, although the occasion is sad (my grandmothers funeral). Weights and yoga are going OK but I hit a point yesterday where all I wanted to do was run.
I’d say that with each pregnancy 20-25 weeks was my golden time where my body felt like mine again after so many weeks of feeling like I had no control over it. Use code LOOKINGGLASS15 for $15 off ANY Rock 'n Roll half or full marathon, excluding Mexico.
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But honestly, those symptoms while annoying, don’t really change my ability to function on a somewhat normal level, so I am feeling good this week.

I have no trouble falling asleep but if I wake up in the night I am wide awake at least an hour or two, and it’s maddening! After my race last weekend I took it easy for a few days because my round ligament paid was bad from the race. For me, I was just starting to show, which was amazing, because I didn’t feel so bloated anymore.
You have a good excuse to eat Easter candy – I have no excuse for the amount I ate lol!! Thankfully my massage therapist has a pregnancy pillow so for one hour a month I can lie comfortably on my stomach. I am Heather Montgomery, formerly known as Running With Sass®, a 30 year old living in Mississippi with my husband, baby, and toy poodle. Have felt no movement to speak of yet unlike my second who was very notably active from early on.
I have felt pretty good this week, some days I ever forget I am pregnant for a little while because I am feeling much more normal. I did walk five times, run 2.5 miles once, and did the stationary bike at the gym + arm weights once.

Her blood vessels are visible through her thin skin, and her ears are now in their final position, although they're still standing out from her head a bit. Fetal crown-rump length: Re-evaluation of relation to menstrual age (5-18 weeks) with high-resolution real-time US. To learn more about our cookies, including how to opt out, please review our privacy policy. Enjoy it and do all the hard stuff, moving, setting up baby’s room and all during this time! A mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan, called an anomaly scan, is usually done between 18 and 22 weeks. This assesses your baby's growth and development and checks whether the gestational age is accurate. See if your partner can come along to share the thrilling sight of your baby, and ask if you can have images from the scan.

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