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I'm 15 weeks with severe morning sickness, pregnancy rihnitis (sp?) and excess saliva making it worse, and I have lost 10 pounds. I am 15 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins and no one can tell that I am pregnant except close family members. I'm currently 13 and a half weeks and I started get bigger around the middle at the start of ten weeks.
I am 14 weeks without twins and no one knows I'm pregnant but I know my waist isn't as small as it was before I got pregnant. Lol, I love how the posters who think you're "starving" your babies all say: "Well I gained 20 lbs. Holy crap some people are so stupid and deserve a punch in the face for saying stuff like that! I'm glad I can add a little relief to other mothers out there :) I was worried too, especially when all those negative people tell you something is wrong. I think you look great as well but it's kind of weird to have a flat washboard stomach while 14 weeks pregnant.
I agree with the lady who wrote on here to the other person who said you were starving your children! This is for the August 17, Anonymous comment titled "I'm glad you are starting them off early." I am ABSOLUTELY outraged, appalled and LIVID at the fact that you would leave such a RUDE, IGNORANT comment on someone's photo.
Congrats,I have been so nervous because I haven't started showing a big not in my uterus area,not no where. Hello, My husband is an anatomist and has regaled me with all the amazing ways a woman can carry. I'm sorry but I did not post those pictures to convince others that I was pregnant with twins but rather to assure people who did not "Look" as big as others expect them to look, that everything is ok. When I reviewed my 9 months of a bump with Elfie I commented how amazing the body’s capacity to forget is. Weirdly enough I didn’t feel that pregnant but looking back on it now I definitely looked pregnant. Single mum, double trouble: the life and loves of a young(ish) Digital Consultant, writer and happy single mum. I didn't show till I was atleast 6 months along with my first baby and didn't "feel" pregnant for ages.
I was feeling pretty down because no one believes me that I'm pregnant, even if its just with one baby.
I am saying that with my health issues being left untreated by not so good doctors my health is far worse, and when I had singletons and was healthier and more in shape(and I have a short torso and am shorter than her), my tummy didn't show at all either, I think till I was 24 weeks. I think it's pretty obvious that she's pregnant; for her size and excellent body composition, her waist would normally be thinner and flatter. This is my 4 pregnancy I have a 16 year old son and when I was pregnant with him no one knew until I was about 6 months, I didn't even have a pouch or anything, I am 5 foot 8.
I didnt show with my first child I had abs but then i hd her at 31 weeks it looked as if i had gas! Yes she looks amazing but, seriously you are suppose to be proud to have a baby bump not hide it and show it off!! I think you look great obviously but it's a bit sad the world has to be so vain and work out all hours of the day to burn off extra fat or pounds that might be gained during pregnancy. You should be very proud of yourself for taking such good care of your babies and yourself.
I am not having twins but I have had a child already and just so you know i didn't show with her till I was 6 months pregnant and I only gained 18lbs and my daughter came out at 7lbs 3oz and 100% healthy. Congratulations on your twins!! I am also quite slim and did not show at ALL until I was around 18 weeks. I am almost 13 weeks pregnant with twins and it is my first pregnancy I still expected to be showing by now. The truth is that I am now 19 weeks pregnant and my babies are perfectly healthy and active.
I'm exactly that right now and I am 5ft 9 and was an athletic, slim build when I fell pregnant. Download Your Survival Guide Here Practical advice and strategies to make the early years with twins more fun. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. You look at photos of your pregnant bump and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside despite nine months of hell and illness.
I had never had it before pregnancy and literally thought my insides were on fire when it hit. And embracing the chnages to your body, takes a strong woman to feel confident and happy that way, I commend you!
I am 14 weeks with twins & I am barley showing compare to a friend who is carrying only one is only 10 weeks!

My friends were built the same way as me, we're all models, and because we're fit none of them showed until about 5 months, and didnt pop out until they were closer to 7 months, and both of them had very healthy babies, and my docter said my doing is doing wonderful and i can expect a healthy baby.
Every part of me is losing weight, except my belly, which is gaining way faster than with my 2 older children - single pregnancies. I was surprised and then i started to get worried even though last week at the doctor everything was perfect. Do you rude people even understand how much it hurts to have people call me a liar because I'm not showing.
People have been saying to me as well that I haven't barely put on any weight, some people can but just luckly like that.
I think everyone still gets the wrong idea of pregnancy and they continue on the track of eating for two and eliminating there exercise routines. Now at 21 weeks I just "popped" so to speak, I have a small frame just like I can tell that you do and I was told from my doctor in the very begining not to expect to be too big. Please post some more photos as you are able since it's really interesting to see the variation in pregnancy morphologies! Best Wishes. It sounds to me that you are not comfortable with the changes to your body but there is no need to post a belittling comment because of your insecurity. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). It puts into perspective the few pounds I’ve still got to lose to get back to my pre preg weight … So off to buggy boot amp I go! With my second thou at 14 weeks gestation I took a belly photo and my stomach had already gone hard and pointy.
She is a lot bigger then I am & I am 40 years old & I look very good for my age & I am thin to begin with so don't get all uptight cause someone is not showing or they are tiny!!! I have a medium frame with long arms and a freakishly long torso, good muscle tone and low body fat.
If you are not tall or you are not strong or your even a little chubby you will show early!
I'm 5'9", also and I believe you are 14 weeks because it looks like you have a long torso like I do, and we are lucky because stretch marks are less common for us with long bodies and torso. That doesn't mean that the babies are starving because darlin if you were eating very little then you'd be able to tell in more ways that just weight. So for the majority of society the obesity look is in and when they see some one who is healthy they call them anorexic!
This site is not for berating people, this site is to CELEBRATE your twin pregnancies and your changing bodies, HOWEVER and WHENEVER they change and to support one another.
This is my first pregnancy and I am expecting a boy and a girl in December, I am happy for you and I think your body looks amazing.
I am now 20 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins and this last week my belly definitely started to pop! I wish you the best and hope that others realize that every woman progresses differently through pregnancy and there is no need to compare or judge others because that does no good for anyone. 9 months of hell and my brain is tricking me into missing it) but having Huxley on the outside is wonderful.
I was EXTREMELY active and healthy pre-pregnancy, and while I have toned it down a bit lately, I am still remaining active.
Another factor - even though I gained 30 lbs with my firstborn, she was slightly growth restricted and I had to go off work. Such a mystery! BTW, not everyone stays fit for vanity, some of us just like the feeling of being able to run a mile, do chin-ups and not wheeze when we reach for the doritos. I didn't just eat and eat though so I'm not sure how it happened, anyway I barely lost all the weight and I found out I'm having twins!! I do have a small pudge and I can't wear many of my pants now. AND My twins are really thriving one is week ahead of my gestation age. Congrats on your twins, I know that you are taking good care of yourself, so I'm sure you are doing the same for your babies. Anyhoo you do look fab but I think that you have put on a little bit of weight in relation to the shape ur other parts of your body are in.
So every pregnancy is different every woman is different and you were just blessed with a body that can handel twins and not make you huge like other women.
It is unfortunate that women have to say the things that this lady is saying but I am completely confident with how things are progressing in my pregnancy and I have complete trust in Christ no matter what happens in my life.
This woman is 5'9" (that is tall) and obviously slender, not every person shows early even with twins.
Some women pile on the pounds during pregnancy and others just gain what they have to Who is anyone else to question what your carrying because of their own unhappiness with how they look. Its much better to spend your energy making sure that you are providing your babies a positive environment to thrive in.
It’s so strange to look at the 6 and 8 week photos and imagine him as a teeny tiny foetus inside me.

Woman are sensitive creatures that compare way to much-just listen to your doc, be healthy, and listen to your body.
I feel best when I am active, it stave's off back pain and joint pain, but make sure to rest when I need to. I was very careful not to do much with my second and made it past 30 lbs (I was amazed at my very tiny friend who had much bigger babies than I did - she had a more efficient placenta - I was told mine was not so good - and I am average sized height and weight and bone size). Plus it's actually healthier for the baby; know that one of the big health risks for babies is being too large now?
Plus your 5'9", long torso, obviously have great stomach muscles and your only 14 weeks in the picture of course your not going to be showing just yet! You are completely right in the fact that this website is to encourage other mothers and not to act like 3rd graders and play the "im better than you are" game. I know because I am one of them at only 5'5" 14 weeks pregnant with twins (my first pregnancy) and barely showing either. She's pregnant she's obviously happy and when it's her time she'll show and that's all there is to it. Again please pray for the health of my pregnancy - I have lost weight this time around and am worried how the doctors may not try to help me deal with my health issues because they don't want to acknowledge how I have been left. Probably because I am older now, and unable to excersise much due to chronic injuries (spine and shoulder from car accident - severe shoulder damage causing increasing functional scoliosis in my neck spine - I live with worsening pain, and as of, last week my feet are now always numb) left untreated by doctors covering up malpractice, my stomach muscles are much looser. Its hard to hear people say all the time a€? your not pregnanta€? or a€? you need to eat morea€?. I had to repeatedly turn down alcohol when my husband had friends visiting, and they knew I was pregnant and looked at me like I was a hypochondriac! I have been left injured and worsening for over 4 years - this pregnancy was not planned and we definitely don't believe in abortion. Ironically if you saw a pic of my tummy and compared me to her, the naysayers would congradulate my bump size, but really with losing weight (even with bigger belly and I had very trim belly before this pregnancy even if little muscle)I am probably worse off health wise. I would say we are both healthy people, and because she is pregnant doesna€™t mean she has to chow down on McDonalds and Burger King and gain 10lbs in one week to be pregnant. I see you and feel relieved that its not a matter of your belly size but as long as the babies are healthy. EVERY woman is different, do not come on here belittling somebody for the way their body changes or takes pregnancy, it is absurd and rude. Any ways, the point is that not every one will show at the same time and it's perfectly normal. If you think of me and my babies please pray for me and them, I am afraid of what the doctors will be willing to continue to do with how they botched things up after the car accident 4 years ago, and how my babies could suffer for it if my health is not seen to properly through this pregnancy. But both her and I let all the comments get to us and started to question the health of the babya€¦. How would you feel if someone were picking of you for being too large or showing so early, unbelievable! We went and got pedicures and I had at least 3 people outside of the group, just random people in the salon, ask if I was a friend of someone or why I was there. Everywhere I went (prior to pregnancy) to try to get my injury helped (which is causing my neck spine to deteriate) I was blocked. Considering how you act toward someone you dont know your children will be rude little brats with no manners. But after talking with the doctor and reading all the comments and seeing all the pictures helped us realize everything is ok and the baby is healthy. I am not from California either, I am from Pennsylvania Farm Country and we do not judge here.
I told them I was pregnant and they said things such as "well, you must be JUST BARELY pregnant" or "you cant be that far along".
It seems doctors 'cover' for each other - I think, unfortunately, the same info I needed via an accurate mri, to get my should damage surgically fixed in order to take the pressure off of my neck spine, would also prove malpractice.
I'd already started buying little unisex clothing's from the shops, picked out our name and bought a double pram. I miss my little girl being inside me so much. After 3+ months of all day sickness and feeling terrible, I would hesitate to call myself "just barely" pregnant. Its hard to know my last memory of being pregnant was pushing out a dead fetus on the hospital bed while hemorrhaging blood and screaming that my baby couldn't breath in the plastic biohazard bag.
I eat many healthy vegetarian meals throughout the day, loaded with veggies, protein, nuts, healthy fats, and more. I do not feel the need to go on a eating binge and load up on pizza, ice cream and fast food, just to gain weight (that is what it would take for me to gain weight past what I am eating now).

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