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You are almost at the end of the third month of your pregnancy, and the risk of miscarriage has decreased dramatically [1]. The intestines (moved into your baby’s stomach last week) start to contract and relax repeatedly to practice healthy digestion so they can function properly after birth [2].
The hands and feet are fully developed with your baby already able to wiggle those tiny fingers and toes [7].
The face already looks like that of a newborn (only in miniature) with the eyes and ears almost in place [6]. The skeletal system starts out as a cartilaginous structure which begins to ossify or turn into hard bone around this week [9]. This week, the placenta has taken over the job of filtering oxygen and all the necessary nutrients for proper fetal growth [2]. The pressure on your bladder gradually lifts as the uterus starts moving upward from your pelvis [12]. First time moms do not usually start showing enough at this stage for others to know that they are pregnant. An ultrasound will also show your baby stretching, kicking, twisting and turning within the uterus [2].

Certain blood tests may be performed during your prenatal checkup to determine the risks of genetic disorders like Down’s syndrome. You may notice your energy levels increasing to some extent this week [16] while the symptoms of frequent urination [17] and morning sickness begin to subside as well. Read all about your baby’s development, your body changes as well as the abnormal symptoms to watch out for this week.
The pituitary gland begins producing hormones in the 12th week while the brain’s nerve cells develop and multiply at a fast pace [3]. The lungs continue their growth, taking part in primitive breathing while the vocal cords start to form [4].
He may also start sucking on his thumb this week [3], which means the reflexes are starting to develop. The hair follicles start growing special downy hair referred to as lanugo which helps your baby to stay warm [8]. Your belly can now provide more space for the uterus to grow as your doctor can already feel its top (called the fundus) in your lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone [10].
However, the gradually thickening belly often makes non-restrictive loose clothing seem more comfortable than the regular jeans and skirts [6].

With the genital organs almost fully developed, your baby’s gender may be determined this week on an ultrasound image [15].
Your doctor may recommend you to take a nuchal translucency scan which involves measuring the fluid levels behind your baby’s neck [8].
However, it is perfectly normal to continue having the symptoms of tiredness, nausea, gas, bloating, heartburn and indigestion due to the increased pregnancy hormone levels. The pancreas is developed enough to produce insulin for your little one [5] with the kidneys starting to work on urine production [6]. Overweight women, second time mothers and those carrying twins are likely to start showing a bit early [13]. Other prenatal screening tests like amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS) may be performed within a few weeks to confirm any fetal abnormalities [8].

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