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You do it by focusing on one very narrow area and fill your mind with knowledge related to that specific area.
The problem with this is that when you clutter your brain with information on so many different topics, it prevents you from becoming an expert on any one thing. So if you focus on a narrow topic and constantly grow in your knowledge and experience in that one area, you’ll eventually become an expert because your mind is consumed by trying to master only one subject. Now you may be concerned that if you focus on only one subject, that you’ll be missing out when it comes to the other subjects. My challenge to you is for you to choose your area of expertise, and immerse yourself in that topic. Patrick Bet-DavidPatrick is a successful startup entrepreneur, CEO of PHP Agency, Inc., emerging author and Creator of Valuetainment on Youtube. You should assume that products I recommend may result in compensation paid to me Patrick Bet-David by those I recommend.

When you go to the doctor, you pay more if that doctor is a specialist, than if he or she is a general practitioner. You may think that it’s good to be well-rounded, so you tax 1% of your brain with learning about history, 1% on social media, 3% on faith, 2% on finances, and so on.
They don’t want a cluttered mind, so instead of trying to be a jack of all trades, they focus on one thing. In terms of how long it takes to become an expert, that will depend on how quickly you feed yourself information and how well you retain it. As a natural critical thinker, Patrick takes complex leadership, management and entrepreneurial ideas and converts them into simple life lessons for today and tomorrow's entrepreneurs. If you would rather that I not be compensated for these recommendations, go to Google and search for the item and find a non-affiliate link to use. The more narrow that one thing is, the more specialized they become, and the higher prices they can charge for their expertise in that one area.

You should perform your own due diligence and use your own best judgment prior to making any investment decision.
The broader the subject, the less specialized they become, and what they offer becomes less valuable.
Your mind will become a combination of 10 different minds all put together, and you’ll have the answers to many different questions because of the other experts you associate yourself with. By virtue of visiting this site or interacting with any portion of this site, you agree that you're fully responsible for the purchases you make and any outcomes that may result.

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