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Parts list in the top right advice and angstrom unit bombastic filling of tools for atomic number but. In the process we just had to bring out some of the luthiery tools we are now manufacturing.. Of course the fret leveling file which started the tool business and which helped pay for the current expansions. After last week’s article, we had a few good tips flow in from readers who have set up their own home workshop. In my experience in the bike industry, I’ve learned that having the right tool , and able to just find it is key.
I agree with the others: good tools last, as long as people (you, your workmates, the public) respect them. For the less commonly used tools, these are secured in a roller-bearing drawer tool cabinet. I’ve found this the best way to protect and maintain expensive cutting tools, and keep organised less used tools so they are always to hand. Using pegboard, everything is right in front of you and easy to see, but you also need to be diligent enough to hang each tool back up in it’s proper place after you are done using it. Its dimension are W32XH32XD13 inches and is a very cleaver idea to have lots of storage in a tiny space, about 7 square feet of wall area will give you about 26 square feet of storage space.
The biggest advantages of visual organization boil down to speed and efficiency during repairs since the proper tool is always in the same spot.
In fact, for most home mechanics keeping your tools in a tool box like the Park Tool model above may be the best way to go.
Even if you prefer the pegboard method (below), tool chests are still great places to store more delicate tools like torque wrenches. Along with the pegboard, mag strips are very useful for keeping track of smaller tools that aren’t exactly peg friendly.

Since most of our workshops are in basements, proper lighting is essential to see what you are doing. However, as much as I love the heavy duty Park Professional stand for my permanent workshop, if you need a single stand for both home and travel use it’s hard to look past the Feedback Sports Pro-Elite work stand.
Saw the article you have done on BR regarding workshops, and just thought I’d share with you our new professional mtb suspension workshop here in Australia.
After several years in a home based workshop similar to those pictured in your article, we moved our mtb suspension workshop into a new custom premises, entirely designed for suspension service, including a dedicated rear shock bench, and two benches for forks to be worked on by our technicians.
If you haven’t seen them already, make to check out all of the other installments from our Home Workshop Series! Not to mention having a tool chest allows you to lock you tools up and prevent casual theft! For my professional workshop we keep the regularly used tools up on the shadow boards above the workbenches. The visit from Good Woodworking magazine has helped spur us into completing the main studio section of the new workshops.. Step 13: Tool Storage CabinetShow All 7 ItemsA simplify idea from the WOOD Special magazine. If you start out with a simple tool starter kit, it will most likely come with a box that will work just fine.
The only trick here is to organize it correct - plan it on paper before putting up the tools on the wooden surface. This way you have an easy way to turn on the lights, no pull cord hanging in your face, plus extra outlets for power tools or a convenient place to charge Di2 batteries. They also act as great storage vessels for things that don’t hang well on walls or are used less often like brake bleed kits and suspension tools.
If you do time and motion studies on the tools used to build a boxed bike, or even do common service jobs, it comes down to a surprisingly small number of key tools which are frequently used.

Another new tool we are having made, the finger fret sander is going to be in the store imminently. Every small part and tool is within quick reach and is ordered according to brand and model. I have an adjustable spoke key (like the Park Tool one but bigger) with a patent date of 1886 on it. Many basic tool kits come with their own pretty nice plastic tool box that works very well for that quantity of tools. It also keeps the tools looking fresh since you aren’t searching in your tool box to find the one you need. Tools are expensive, and unless you plan on putting together two different sets, having everything road trip ready in a single case makes a lot of sense.
Tyler has both in his workshop, which provides a nice balance depending on the time of day and type of task. Second, once you use a nice cast aluminum Park tool head, it’s hard to go back to anything else. Even for metal drawer style toolboxes, you don’t need anything special, mine are just the basic house-branded items from the local home improvement store. I choose this style because I am not typically very organized with my tools, so this works as a good alternative to leaving them all over the surface of the workbench.
High end features, decent warranty, and I’ve never broken on tool while working on bicycles.

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