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Additionally, over the past two years, the company has relocated stores to larger spaces in four other cities: Atlanta, Seattle, Arlington (Texas) and Concord, California, plus has undertaken minor remodels to stores in Indianapolis and Burnsville, Minnesota. All of this retail store activity may seem surprising, given the enormous rise in popularity of online shopping. Walking into the “new” Rockler store experience, one gets a sense of openness: aisles are wide and the stores are brightly lit.
And, more and larger retail stores also can help the company stock a larger variety of products to serve its emerging customer base.
But, regardless of whether it’s the traditional woodworker who has shopped with Rockler for years but without the benefit of a “backyard” store, or the new maker crowd who might be encouraged to come into the woodworking avocation more fully, Hornbaker says more stores bring more convenience to everyone.

At the time, the company was called Minnesota Woodworker’s Supply and the store name was The Woodworker’s Store. Hornbaker says employees selected for the new stores are experienced woodworkers who understand the products and can help customers make informed decisions.
Over nearly four decades since, Rockler’s network of retail stores has grown to 31 locations in 21 states, plus its mail-order catalog and online businesses.
While he’s not ready to discuss where Rockler’s next stores might be, the company ambitiously plans to open five more locations over the next 12 months. This open viewing classroom area will provide an immersion experience not previously possible at many Rockler stores.

It’s a central feature of the new store locations, plus all of Rockler’s recently relocated stores and the Indianapolis store. Then in October, Rockler opened its doors to Rocklin, California, woodworkers with another new 8,000-sq.-foot store.

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