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There are so many different accessories for laptops, that it's nice to see ones that are made out of wood, either DIY projects or products directly available from companies.
The inherent contrast between a wooden laptop stand and your laptop can be quite dramatic, and set the tone for your workstation, if you use your computer this way. Alice Rosignoli Stand: The material from this laptop stand comes from reclaimed wood salvaged from discarded public school chair.

Cherry Wood Laptop Stand: This is a slightly bigger stand, but it also doubles as a bench, side table, and anything else you can think of. Michael's Cardboard & Wood Laptop Stand: This stand was first created out of cardboard, but it became so popular that wooden ones were made. Making a Laptop Stand out of Some IKEA Bits: This is a pretty easy stand to put together, and it won't break the bank.

Alice Rosignoli designed this to promote the FatBot, a lightweight manufacturing robot used to carve these stands.

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