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Here was the Best of Show Winner last year, one of our own furniture makers, Timothy Anz who apprenticed with us.
The Fine WoodWorking blog reports that Boston’s WGBH will be producing a new PBS woodworking show featuring Thomas J.
I would love to see Marc on the TV, I agree with ShopMonger that he is great at showing techniques. To be sure, there are a lot of subjects that can still be covered in woodworking shows; I would like to learn a lot more about CNC carving for one.
Norm opened the door and made woodworking accessible to the masses- but it was just the beginning- just like Bart and Jerry and Ray and Paul were just the beginning.
Carl Stammerjohn’s Hall Table was the best in its category (contemporary furniture) in my humble opinion, but the state judge put it second. The largest woodworking guild or club that I know of is the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association, and it probably isn’t surprising that they have the biggest show.
What is a little different is that their big yearly show happens at the huge San Diego County Fair. Every year, tireless volunteers from the SDFWA, led by Bob Stevenson, return to the exhibition buildings at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to refurbish and set up the pedestals, display cases, and exhibition workshops they provide each year for the Design in Wood show.

For that past 10 years or so, Fine Woodworking has presented the Best in Show award (we earn that honor by ponying up the largest award: $1,000), and this is my third time doing the judging. Since the state judges tie my hands a bit, I always like to blog about the pieces that I think the Fine Woodworking readers would like best, and then throw in a few of my own favorites. The shows are under new ownership and the new owners really want to breathe some new life into the shows, so I am certain it will be a great show with lots of vendors and classes to teach and inspire. So if you have a piece that is just about done or you are still working on, or maybe you finished a piece already, go ahead and sign up and enter the show. The Heritage School of Woodworking sponsors that prize which includes a one day class as well as a few of our hand-made tools.
Call the Arts Center (Tele 830-895-2911) to make $25 Jury Fee payment, and email to me (i) snapshot and (ii) description of furniture piece you wish to enter. I’d like to see a show on those fancy decorative turning lathes, and shows on how set up and use the basic shop equipment. This year's show also attracted an array of musical instruments, plus a huge kayak, and even a spiral staircase for a chihuahua. I was tempted to pick this hollow vessel, made from stunning box elder by Mike Jackofsky, as Best in Show.

Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere. The doors open this weekend at noon on Friday, October 26th. We will be there showing YOU what you can make in any one of our classes, from dovetails to inlay, setting up handplanes to four-squaring lumber by hand! Please come out and participate and do your part by making it another wonderful woodworking show.
His 207 Woodworking site has several video podcasts for projects ranging from a step stool to a bombe secretary.
For those people who complain about Norm or David Marks finishing a table in one show, on one video T-Chisel worked on flattening a tiny piece of trim for about an hour, yabbering on all the time. I would have given it first place in art furniture, and a spot in my house if I could afford it. It is not limited to wood furniture but metal, stone, plastics, cardboard, grass–now that’s going a little far, but really it is up to your imagination!

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