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OPCutting for Windows is a Panel Cutting Optimization Software that is simple and intuitive. Execution of cutting plans takes into account several materials, thicknesses and different species. It is based on a highly advanced board cutting algorithm, specially designed to optimize the cutting layouts, such as shear sheet, table saws, sheet metal cutting, panel saws, glass cutting, woodworking plans, cutting board, gas cutting and de coiling operations, in the panel metal, woodworking , furniture, glass etc industry.
GoNest Profile is a Professional true shape nesting software package to maximize the use of panel material by generating most optimized nested layouts. OPCutting is a cutting optimization software that is simple to use while still being high-performance!.
Cutting optimization software can perform this task, once the information (concerning the cutting plan to be carried out) has been entered by the craftsman.

Scratch using decking for the bed and stress treated timber woodworking initiatives as soon.
Merchandise in a very good condition woodworking optimization software for new initiatives or updating kids over the age of ten. Edition of the cutting plan file, the specific cut plans and the pieces composing the cutting plan.
Parameter setting of the software to meet the specific needs for various activities, cuts out of wood, plastic films, sheet metal and even of fabric strips. OPCutting is a cutting optimization software that is simple to use while still being high-performance!! The development of a cutting plan optimizing the use of materials, can prove to be a very complex task: amount of pieces to be cut out, consideration of the direction of wood grain, use of the panels in stock and the scraps of previous cuttings.

With OPCutting you have a Panel Cutting Optimization Software so cheap and so easy to use that it pays for itself after only one or two cutting plans! Management of the format of the panels and the pieces and entering of dimensions during the creation of the cutting plan.
OPCutting is also adapted to the cutting optimization needs of professionals within metallurgy, boiler making, and fine sheet-iron works.

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