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American Sommelier, a wine education organization based in New York City, is launching a state chapter right here in Maine. I don’t know whose idea it was to offer such a class through Portland Recreation, but bless them!
Bean offers an array of inexpensive courses in their Discovery School, including clay shooting and archery. Woodworking and furniture design have deep New England roots - a tradition of transforming Mainegrown timber into functional artwork. Maine College of Art - Woodworking & Furniture Design from Maine College of Art on Vimeo.

This is a 10-week course that includes classes on growing grapes, wine making, historical events, and of course how to really taste and assess a glass of wine. At MECA, you’ll quickly move beyond basic woodworking skills into designing and crafting complete projects.
Writing Young Adult and Children’s Fiction class meets for eight weeks to talk about plot, character, setting, editing, and maybe vampires and homework and to-the-death battles between teens. You’ll learn to take your concepts from sketch to technical drawings, find your raw materials at the local lumberyard, mill them down to the required size and then get creative with steaming, bending, planing and joinery, using both classic and modern tools. On his experience at Maine College of Art Kibler says “MECA has been a 110% change in my life.

In this Beekeeping 101 class, offered through Portland Adult Education, you’ll get an overview of keeping bees, including the equipment needed, investment in time and dollars, and some insight into what a year in the life of a beekeeper looks like.
And if you wanted a paddleboard, you signed up for a paddleboard building class and worked with smart intructors who helped you build the thing and looked out to make sure you didn’t screw it up.

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