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As an amature woodworker interested in plans and methods for building Shaker style furniture, I found this book very informative. I borrowed this book through interlibrary loan because I'm working in a woodshop for historic interpretation, and I needed to know what I was doing. In recent years, the number of enthusiasts has grown, proving that regardless of age, gender, or budget, anyone can develop woodworking skills and become proficient at making their own furniture, ornaments, or household wares. It has been revised to take account of changes in practice including the use of power tools, adhesives and computer-controlled machinery.

This book reminds me of the DK Eyewitness books in that it simply explains a tool and shows you with various line drawings and also photographs. The tools in the book are not necessarily period pieces, but they are derived from period tools. I think this is a good beginner reference book, of course because of the price (less than 10 bucks), and especially because it shows things well in the photographs. For instance, the methods for hanging a drawer and attaching a table top were especially interesting to me since they were a little different than what I commonly see.

This is a book written for amature woodworks like myself who appreciate well documented plans for interesting and usefull pieces of furniture.

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