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She settled at her kitchen table with a cup of coffee and embarked on the story of a poignant homecoming.
Woodwork and trim are style-defining characteristics of bungalows, Tudors, and other houses of the Arts & Crafts period. Now homes cost a larger percentage than ever of a person's income, and keeping a house up - roof, paint, systems - is also expensive. There is legitimate need for kitchen and home design and for those in that area to come up with new designs and new ideas - and to help those that are less visual or want a little advice or need a complex set of designs drawn up. Old ones are no longer removed but instead stripped and refinished; new ones are popular in revival homes.

How many of them were actually built is up for question; adorable in illustration, they were a woodwork add-on that didn’t always make it to construction.
Today new houses are likely to have craftsman-built stairs, often in hardwoods like oak, with Craftsman, Mission, or Art Nouveau styling. These have been in homes since at least the end of the 1800s to present, so they are more timeless. While women of her generation looked forward to being able to purchase a new appliance that might make housekeeping easier, it never dawned on them that their cabinets were outdated because they were the wrong color. I am so happy to be getting it done - but the house is in total disorder:) Your plan sounds like it will add to the loveliness and value of your home.

But the nook is back in vogue, desirable both for restored bungalow kitchens and in new homes designed to be small and efficient (or just nostalgic). We have to do our part in resisting the shiny new thing and even pointing out that shiny new things stop being shiny very soon. Something could not have been pretty a decade ago, and suddenly merit a shudder by a prospective home owner as per House Hunters.

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