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Cool idea though, a custom made one with a battery train pack would make a much better present than a off the shelf trackset. I no, tell me too, i have been looking on how to make these, and so far my idea has been, go to the thrift store, buy some old trains, rip the wheels off, and build on top.
I have started using discarded styrofoam (large pieces are best) and a soldering iron to create structures with track melted in. One bit makes the female connector with a single pass, another makes the male connector in two passes, and the third makes the tracks themselves.

They look a little more like car wheels than train wheels, but paint them black and it’s hard to tell the difference. All of the arcs that make up the track have the same center — the outside edge of the track, the outside groove, the inside groove, the inside edge. I am using ply wood and the router knocks bits of the ply off which is a problem, if I were using solid timber then it may be a different story. I used them to make a train (locomotive, tender, and three passenger cars) for my son for his birthday one year.

Both male and female ends are melted in to allow for connection to the rest of his wooden tracks.

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