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From relaxing in the evening with your spouse to taking a few minutes to ease the pain of arthritis, and everything in between, a hot tub is more truly a family hub, a meeting place, a party place, a place of peace.
Drawings with pictures and description of each most trusted name in home improvement plans.
Selecting upgraded storage steps provides the ideal place to store extra towels, sun block, or even a set of spa games like plastic cards or a floating chess table for family hot tub parties.

Hot tubs stand several feet high to allow for the large volume of water necessary for the spa.
Luckily, by adding in a simple spa accessory, a set of steps, you can provide an added degree of safety for everyone.
While it is technically possible for an adult to climb into a hot tub, it isn’t a safe maneuver, and children should never attempt to climb into the home spa without the assistance of safe steps.

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