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WoodenBoat Magazine, Professional BoatBuilder Magazine, Small Boats Magazine, Small Boats Monthly. I'd like to build a small runabout for a lake that will have 20hp limit (currently 10hp, but that is expected to change). It actually will plane your particular payload with as little as 4 hp, and will rip right along with a 9.9 horse. I suspect he's looking for more of the classic varnished runabout design, but the Rifleman sure is a sexy boat! Phil Bolger's Diablo--15' 6" by 5' wide, hp up to 25 or so but they plane easily with 10-15. If you like the Diablo here's my son-in-laws website with lots of pics and video of the boat he & I built a couple of years ago.

A fussy little boat to build but with patience and determination you can build one of these marvelous two seaters for yourself. The entire boat is built of Honduran Mahogany with holly as an accent between the planks on the deck. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I am not aware of any plans in this size range that are not plywood, but I'll accept any suggestions at all. The lake has a 10hp limit, but legislation is working it's way through the system to raise it to 20hp and I expect it to pass by the time I complete the boat.
Runabout seems to cover a lot of styles these days but for something that is stable and will still fly on demand, one of the smaller planing hulls would be great for such.

Its no monster, but she has all the qualities you would want in a small workboat with small horsepower and big boat seakeeping for its size. I think this fellow also posted some pictures of the boat getting along faster than this picture shows.

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