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My uncle gave me this wooden racquet and I thought it would be pretty funny to show up at the local rec center with it. I can't find ANY information online about what tension ranges were used on wooden racquets. I'm so very excited that I get to play in a wooden racquet tournament just minutes from my hometown on April 21st. Kramers are bigger headed, more stiff thru the head, feel less aerodynamic, feel like they are made from a soft wood. MaxPly is smaller headed, softer in the head, head lighter balance, feel like it's made from a medium density wood, feels whippier in general, has about the same power with solid hits slightly lower in the head, and definetely more aerodynamic thru the service swing. Here's an interesting discussion from a different woody tournament regarding wood racket legalities. It was not all wood, it had some layers of fiberglass or something, since an all wood frame couldn't take his 80 pounds string tension.

Wood racquets have a considerable amount of weight in the throat, much more than modern graphite racquets. I just did a search and was unable to find where I read this, but I distinctly recall seeing a list of some classic racquet weights and Laver's, at 15+ oz (almost a pound!) being the heaviest.
But if you are looking for a wood racquet to hit big serves, it does have a little something extra (a layer of steel-like mesh). All of a sudden, the crowd got struck by Bjorn Borg’s racket, which had exploded as a result of the combination between the power of the stroke and the heavy string tension.
Two series of 400 frames were produced annually according to Bjorn’s specifications of wood quality, weight (415gr), length and balance. What this means is that while the overall weight of racquets guys like Laver used was quite high, the swingweight was actually less than what most of the top pros use today.
I do not recall whether Budge was on that list, and I have read on these boards that Budge had a legendarily heavy racquet.

Oh, and no child size racquets, it "weakens the wrist and does not aid the child in learning strokes. The 14.5 ounces cited was without the extra fortification used (extra ply of wood used in his Donnay Borg Pros for example). Bjorn Borg realised that, like special Belgian beers, wood is a living material that delivers its best mechanical performance after a complete drying period. I recall reading someone mentioning that with the customization, his racquets were 16+ ounces.

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