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Technology is constantly progressing and the kitchen is most likely the best place where you can see that in your home. This simple gadget allows you to watch cooking videos, to listen to music and to search for new recipes while you’re cooking or entertaining your guests. Of course, you could bring our iPad in the kitchen anyway but you would need some sort of support for it, somewhere to hang it from so you don’t have to place it on the counter or where it could get damaged or wet.
If you prefer to search for recipes on your iPad, then maybe you’d prefer a practical kitchen stand for it. For those of you that wish to bring technology into the kitchen but also want to preserve the charm of old, rustic features, we found a very lovely iPad stand.
Ideal for young people who have gotten used to technology in all the fields and in all the places where they spend time, this new and futuristic design allows you to search for recipes and to visualize them while you’re cooking on the same counter. Since one of the biggest problems in the kitchen is related to the lack of space, we found a wonderful modular concept that is also very compact. This compact and ingenious kitchen gadget was designed to spare you from situations when your pizza gets cold and rubbery or your warm salad becomes cold.

Fresh ingredients are always the best and what could be fresher than a vegetable taken from your own mini garden from your own kitchen… The Nano Garden allows you to grow your own veggies and to harvest them with just seconds before they go in your food.{found on fancy}. Small, simple and functional, this smart herb garden features an LED growing lamp that actually grows the herbs for you. New gadgets are always becoming available and some of them look like something you might imagine you can find in a kitchen of the future. It’s a 2-piece set that includes a speaker and a stand and it allows you to bring your iPad in the kitchen.Available for 197$. They’re old and they’ll soon be replaced by electronic formats, just like all the other hard print books. This one is simple and it allows you to keep your iPad nearby without getting it dirty and at a perfect angle that lets you read while you cook.Available for 29$. Well, now you can better visualize how that would be like thanks to this tiny mobile kitchen from Electrolux.
It keeps your meals fresh and it has several food compartments which can be locked so you don’t accidentally make a mess in the kitchen.{found on site}.

For example, it syncs with a smart-phone app and thus knows how to heat the food accurately. All you have to do is snap in the plant cartridges, fill the water reservoir and wait for the plats to grow. This one, for example, can be mounted on the wall and it’s very functional.{found on Muzaffer}. It comes with over 3000 recipes and 250 videos and it’s a huge step into the modern world of cooking.Available for 349$.

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