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This will solve the problem of slicing your bread evenly and will look great in your kitchen. May 6, 2009 - 8:24amNimbread knife and matters slicing How can we slice bread so that in the end we are not left with a piece that is too wide on one side and just enough for a single slice on the other. May 14 2010 - 2:22pmNew Knife, New Cutting Instructions Since posting this reply, I have acquired a Wusthof bread knife, which blows my Pampered Chef knife out of the water. Sized to suite a standard bread maker loaf, this bread slicer will give you great cuts every time and will last and last.

It cuts even the softest bread perfectly.I still use -- and advocate -- the herringbone cutting pattern for boules. Till now, I have just been using the serrated knife from my very ordinary set of knifes on a wooden block. I think after three years of never buying bread from a store and baking at least once a week, I should buy a good bread knife. Then I would have to buy a replacement.  The blade is quite thin and can twist while slicing, but its been in the family for at least 5 generations.

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