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A page dedicated to serious comments, questions and matters of interest, for wood veneer users, by wood veneer users, regarding this site and their experiences with using wood veneer. All sheet images on this site are as true to colour as possible, but being natural wood, grain and shade variations are inevitable.
Our standard raw sheet wood veneers are 0.6mm thick and sold by square foot price at stock sheet size.
Iron-on, PSA (self adhesive) & constructional wood veneers are sold by the sheet price. Remember raw sheet wood veneers are only as wide as the trees from which they are cut, and species of trees vary enormously in size.

When contacting your suppliers ask about the wood veneer they have in stock to accommodate your specific requirements.
Where there is a large area to cover or a special effect is desired you can have great fun by using book-matched wood veneers. Often this process is applied when using Burr wood due to it's smaller size, as one would not expect to obtain a single Burr of much more than six square feet.
When cutting any wood veneer always allow a minimum of three millimetres overlap to every edge.
Glue film adhesive is a hot melt adhesive film on a release paper backing, which is applied to the article (substrate) you wish to veneer using a domestic iron on a medium setting.

When applying the wood veneer it is advisable to use a sheet of brown wrapping paper (avoid printed paper) between the wood veneer and the iron to avoid scorching.
Hot melt wood veneer adhesive is also very economical because even small pieces can be patched together to cover large areas.

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