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I know from antiquing all the time you come across a lot of great wood pieces that have water damage or chipped veneer. Something to remember is that you always want to cut the veneer to overhang the piece of wood you are applying it to.
Remember you have to apply this to the back of the veneer and the surface you are applying it to. Here is a video from DIY to show how simple it is to veneer something and trust me it really isn’t difficult. Description: Wood shredded into tiny chips (essentially sawdust, often from waste wood), combined with adhesives, and then heated and compressed to form sheets. I can imagine the board painted in a soft house exterior pastel colour with white trim and a fake ‘porch floor’ with wood planking, some rocking chairs and plant pots flanking the french door out to the garden! PureBond panels are now offered in a choice of 12 different unfinished, prefinished and primed hardwood veneer species, including lustrous cherry.
Columbia Forest Products has provided fine decorative hardwood plywood veneer panels to North American fabricators for nearly 60 years.

Kanda Alahan, Rivendell Woodworks, Concord, CAThe information shared through the website and through networking is invaluable, and the certification program is a great addition. It has a razor that when slid on the edge of the piece you are veneering cuts off the excess. This will help to push out any air bubbles that get trapped during application of the veneer.
Pros: It is inexpensive, readily available in a variety of colors and in wood-grain patterns, and has an easily cleaned surface. I do agree that the light carpeting being replaced with wood flooring will be an improvement. Offering many more veneer-faced options online gives the customer an added measure of choice and convenience. Usually the more exotic wood veneers have to be special ordered through a specialty wood dealer.
I prefer this tool as opposed to using a flat piece of wood because the wood could mar the surface.

Where to find it: Home centers carry 4x8' sheets plus half and quarter sheets in standard and tempered grades. Credit CenterSpecial Financing Available Everyday* See Offer & Details Make a Payment Get It InstalledThe Home Depot makes home installation and repair easy.
However, my contractor and painting friends all recommend Zinsser 123 or Zinsser BIN as the primers to use over bare wood.
Print Version Engineered wood is a man-made wood product created using wood strands, particles, fibers or veneers of wood forged together with adhesives to form composite materials. I purchased a 4×8 sheet of Teak veneer (around $200, but I have a lot left over for other projects) from a dealer in Sacramento California to restore the surface of my Seeburg Jukebox pictured below.

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