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From panel to mouldings, accessories to custom mill work, Hardwood Products has kept the Houston area well supplied since 1977. We deliver to the Houston area and just outside the Houston area for free* with next-day deliveries. Exotic Woods Enhance Your Woodworking ProjectPurpleheart, Ziricote, Spanish Cedar, Goncalo Alves, English Brown Oak, Black Limba, Figured and Quartered English Sycamore and many more domestic and exotic woods!

Clark's Hardwood - A Houston Institution Since 1946Whether you’re a contractor, luthier, architect or seeking a unique piece of hardwood for carving.
Click on the image to download our brochure for the latest product updates, wood species, sizes, availability, contact information and location map. We Have the Supplies and Expertise!We know hardwood lumber, in fact the sales professionals at Clark’s Hardwood Lumber Co.

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