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Think it through as I show you the drafting and layout techniques for all of them plus building code references. Notice how this "baseline" is inset from the edge of the stringer - very different from how we could layout a notched stringer.
From a technical standpoint, there's nothing particularly difficult about building stairs for a deck, porch or shed. Step 1: Calculating Rise and RunThe first step in building stairs for a deck is finding the total rise or overall vertical height the stairs have to cover.
And yet, stair building is arguably the most challenging task do-it-yourselfers will ever attempt.Stairs must satisfy strict building codes meant to ensure safety and climbing comfort.

When mounted under the deck, the stringers are either attached to the joists or to blocking placed between joists, and the stringer ends are cut long to reach the framing.Mark the tread notches using a framing square fitted with stair gauges. We're so used to uniform, professionally built staircases that the slightest discrepancy between steps creates a tripping hazard.
Later, a 1 x 12 cedar trim board will be nailed to the stringer, giving the staircase a more finished look.
Since there's so little room for error, building stairs requires careful layout and some potentially tricky calculations.
The 4 x 4 posts used to support the stair rail are typically bolted to the stringers before installing the treads.

Stringers, typically cut from 2 x 12s, are the sloped boards that support the other components and carry the weight of people walking on the stairs.

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