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PPG WOOD STAINSWe offer a variety of PPG wood stains that will help you change the look of your wood project with ease. Wood stains consist of a specific colorant that is dissolved or suspended in either water, alcohol or petroleum distillate. The difficulty of applying stains to wood surfaces depends on the type of stain, substrate and conditions of the wood. Sanding - Every piece of wood that will be coated with stain should be sanded to achieve an even absorption.
Cleaning - After sanding, clean every inch of the surface you will be staining to be free or dirt or debris. Begin Staining - Using your paint brush in one hand and a rag in the other, begin to apply the stain. Let Dry - After staining the entire surface to the shade that you desire, let your project dry for no less than 6-8 hours. Polyurethane - Once your wood is completely dry, you can use a polyurethane varnish in either satin, semi gloss or high or clear gloss finish. All of our PPG wood stains will help you achieve the best results for any of your wood projects.
With a previous background in construction, we decided to open Woodlands Paints to serve the Houston area with the best paint products.
I created these two large paintings, combined to make a diptych, with just a couple of supplies and some creativity! When you’re done, be sure to use a tack cloth to wipe down the wood before you begin staining. You can see here that I worked the stain (diluted with paint thinner) into the wood, creating a gradual lighting.
I employed the same method for the gold as the stain, adding gold in its original form to the top of the wood, then gradually adding paint thinner as I moved toward the middle. Because this Rust-Oleum paint is oil-based, you can use paint thinner to dilute the paint.
Important note: Before painting with the gold, be sure to read the directions, which discourage you from working too much with the paint or adding a second coat. In order to give my paintings a finished look, I decided to use a patching compound on the edges. I tackled this step once the stain and paint dried completely because I didn’t want any patching compound to get onto the board pre-stain.

To hang the paintings, I chose a simple pair of D-rings for each painting, then connected them with picture-hanging wire. After marking on the wood where your D-ring will go, you can use a drill to attach the D-rings.
My favorite method when hanging two frames at the same height is to add a piece of painter’s tape to the wall.
You can see that I simply hung the nail just below the painter’s tape, then hung my first painting.
Now you can hang your second painting, and simply peel the painter’s tape off the wall behind the painting! Use spray paint to add gorgeous hues of coral and magenta with a dash of gold and glitter to your gift wrapping! This DIY wooden bottle tote makes a great gift or the perfect way to carry your favorite wine to your next celebration.
So we finally made time to start our remodel just after Christmas in 2012, when we both had off. I didn’t want it to look like butcher block, so we played around with several sizes, and types of woods.
Make samples for yourself…I would try small cans of stains, writing down what you do, as you do it.
While the layer was damp, and not dry all the way through the wood…I took a darker version of the stain (still thinned out), and with the edge of the foam brush I started to highlight areas of the grain. Wood stains give you the option to create a completely custom look and feel to any wood furniture, decor or other wood products.
Paint on and wipe off each stroke of wood stain within the same time frame to allow for all over even tone.The longer you leave the stain on the surface, the darker the stain will be.
Our experts at Woodlands Paints will help you choose the right paint color, type of paint, painting tools and more.
First, I used the original stain on the very bottom of the board, then as I worked upward, I gradually added more and more paint thinner into a cup of the stain to gradually lighten the color. This method means that the paint has the same color, it just goes on thinner, creating a lighter finish. Gradually move toward the middle of the board with the diluted gold paint to create your ombre finish. You can also follow our All About Paint board on Pinterest for more DIY ideas like this one.

This tutorial will show you how to DIY colorful holiday decor using tomato cages, paint and a few basic supplies.
You don’t want the wood to be completely dry, because the stain would be harsh, and stay right were you touched the wood. Plus, Alyson is a professional painter and she shares a ton of great painting tips, like how to paint cabinets like a pro, how to paint wood floors, and the ever-so-helpful white primer vs.
Our friendly team at Woodlands is happy to help you find the perfect PPG or Benjamin Moore paint product for your next project.
Because I decided to connect the rings with picture hanging wire, it isn’t necessary for the rings to be precisely level, as the wire will naturally level the painting.
I paint so many people kitchens, and cabinets on a day-to-day basis, that I knew exactly what  I wanted in my kitchen. Poplar tends to have a green tint to it, but a stain with a red tint to it, can counteract this. I don’t have a single stain yet either (and they have had their share of stain-able junk, globbed on them). Today’s guest has a fabulous tutorial to show you how to create beautiful *faux* reclaimed wood countertops, using new wood. I am definitely a remodel-aholic, decor-aholic, and paint-aholic…which you can read all about, over at my blog The Ragged Wren.
We also added decorative molding, and legs, to give it more of a furniture feel, and add to the stability. The sealer will start to pool together as it dries, so don’t worry about brush strokes. I purchased this at a specialty wood store here in town, it’s not carried at the local hardware store.

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