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Checking out for playhouse plans or wooden swing sets or wooden playsets can only mean that you are getting ready to build an awesome gift for a wonderful child. What’s important in children’s playhouses is not only that it should provide great memories for you and the child, but also provide a safe play place for your little darling.
If you want to start in the action right away, we recommend checking out this compilation of many different, step-by-step explained playhouse plans and wooden playsets here.
Things to take note in choosing the right plan(s) for you include checking if you like the design of the playhouse, that the materials are available in your area (or there are satisfactory alternatives), and if what needs to be done is within your skill level. You may be able to complete it but unless you have help from one who is skilled enough, you might end up injuring the child when he or she starts to play inside the playhouse. If you feel like you need to acquire more basic woodworking skills first, check out our posts here on woodworking for beginners and easy woodturning projects or on small and easy woodworking projects.

It may not be specifically shown in the playhouse plans, but in making any building, it is always best to start with the base. This frame should be sturdy enough because kids will most likely sit on the window sill or hang from the door frame when the playhouse is done. As with the wall frames, while you are following the playhouse plans, keep in mind that most likely children will be climbing the roof (most likely via the windows). You are now at that part of the playhouse plans that you will be attaching both the walls and the roof, install the windows and doors, paint the playhouse, and add all various decorations that you wish to add. But don’t just choose the roofing and wall materials based on solely what the playhouse plans tell you. Most important of all, after completing the playhouse plans, take pictures of the child playing inside your awesome creation.

If you are making a 2-story playhouse, confirm that the base you are building can actually support that. So, protect what you have just built by using paint that can protect the wood from the environment.
If you are putting the playhouse outdoors, be sure that the ground it will stand on is termite treated. If the playhouse plans’ suggested materials appear good enough to you, then use these by all means.

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