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Unfortunately, the similarities between DayZ and H1Z1 extend beyond the setting and into the state of the game.
It even goes through some steps automatically for me—if I choose to craft wooden sticks, the game will first transform logs to planks, and then to the stick that I want. Sled gives the woodworker a greater amount of control over the material whole are in very your.

Opening the inventory window and switching to the crafting tab shows me that I already know how to whittle wood logs down to planks and sticks. It's a small thing that makes H1Z1 feel more game than simulation, much like how your health, thirst, and stamina are tracked in the interface instead of inferred through “you are hungry” messages and how hazy your screen becomes, but it works. I take my survivor's shirt off and shred it into strips, and then put it in the discovery window with the wood sticks.

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