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Since Bob Lang and I returned from our scouting trip for potential book projects at the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, I have had the opportunity to build a few southern projects.
Evidently, that was not good enough for the Piedmont woodworker that originally built this piece sometime between 1740 and 1780.
I have not seen this before, but I can tell you I will keep it in my bag of joinery tricks.

Glen Huey is a former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, a period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books, videos and magazine articles.
I’m assuming this frame and pannel joint was done this way to hide end grain as well. I have not tried this joint, but see how it could how it could be done on a well tuned table saw, with a lot of care.

The lady’s desk I built in the November 2011 issue (#193) had double-blind dovetails where the case sides joined the top.

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