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Welcome to Philadelphia Furniture Workshop, a tax exempt, nonprofit, full service teaching studio for those interested in woodworking. Current woodworking instruction tends to primarily focus on either machine work or hand work, and many woodworkers tend to embrace either one or the other at the beginning. So no matter your skill level, interest, or direction as a woodworker, the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop has much to offer. Hand Cut Dovetails - Fine furniture is characterized by fine joinery, and hand cut dovetails are joints that attract attention.
Master Class - Litchfield Collector's Chest - This is a chest of drawers, built correctly, albeit a bit on the smaller side.
3-Legged Stool - For woodworkers interested in building Windsor chairs, this is a perfect introduction.
Woodturning for the Beginner - PFW teaches spindle turning with a focus on the needs of a furniture maker.
Total Beginner 1 - This class is designed for the beginning woodworker with little or no experience.
Notice -- In administering its affairs, educational policies, admissions policies, financial aid programs, and other school programs, Philadelphia Furniture Workshop does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status (special disabled veterans, disabled veterans and Vietnam-era veterans), or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law or local law. Our community’s woodworkers will teach you how to employ centuries-old skills to produce custom furniture that will last for generations. Even novices will learn the complete craft of steam bent wood, hand-carved details and hand-cut joinery for solid wood construction in an amazingly short period of time. In our advanced furniture-making courses, you can learn to make blanket chests, wall clocks, chairs, rocking chairs keepsake boxes, dressers and tables.

One of the most rewarding woodworking projects you could embark on is making the tools that you will use in your everyday work to build furniture with.
We have designed these classes for those who can’t take a lot of time away, but still would like to learn a special aspect in woodworking, from carving to inlay to just honing your skills in joinery such as dovetailing. Come learn the art of turning on a lathe, as we simplify the process and show you how to get started in your own shop, turning scrap wood into useful and decorative items. Located in a 1920's factory building, the PFW furniture making school and workshop is both a teaching facility and a working shop.
The furniture making and woodworking course bench area contains 10 traditional joiners workbenches, built by Alan Turner and Mario Rodriguez.
Come join us and learn furniture making and woodworking skills in a supportive and invigorating studio environment. Their award-winning workmanship is sold throughout North America, featured in fine woodworking magazines and has been selected for the permanent collection of the U.S. You’ll learn to sharpen your planes, saws and chisels and how to hand cut dovetails joints, dados and mortise-and-tenons—the primary joints through which traditional wood furniture is joined together. In each of these courses you will further develop your skills as a woodworker by building an heirloom piece—one that can be handed down from generation to generation. For wood working courses it features a hardwood floor, with both a bench area and areas for machine work and assembly. Pictured below it is the site of days and nights of hard work, devoted to the craft of fine furniture making, as well as classes where the aspiring woodworking comes to learn and leaves with a piece of art that they created with the work of their hands. Our school provides instruction in furniture making such as woodturning course or lathe woodturning techniques, how to use a plane (planecraft), tablesaw techniques, mortise and tenon joint classes, dovetail classes, techniques in veneering, chisel techniques, and instruction in finishing such as French Polishing and Oil and Varnish.

Our next open offering of Total Beginner 1 is Thursday evenings starting on January 7, 2016.  We are now taking registrations for this class. In these classes, you’ll use hand tools and traditional joinery to make a dovetailed box, a wall shelf and a small, occasional table. There is a cast iron layout table that weighs in at about 1500 lbs, with a machined surface, making flat glue-ups a simpler task. In our master classes, we teach for a weekend, and then students will apply that information and complete the remaining work at home in preparation for another session, where different skills are covered. I thought the teaching was excellent, The instructor was able to work with a rank beginner to an experienced woodworker, making both feel good about their efforts and results. So often, I notice that other instructors teach the class from a technical standpoint, without any sense (or even admission) of the human element.
However, the opportunity of spending three complete days, immersed in woodworking culture, trying out all types of chisels, saws and cutting tools, from the least expensive to the most expensive, was an experience I will not soon forget. The course gave me quite a bit of confidence in working with wood and a great appreciation of what can be done with hand tools.

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