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Also, if there is anything in this style (such as something you may have seen on one of my other whittlings I've posted and will be posting) that anyone would like to see done - or see HOW it's done - just let me know and I'll try to incorporate it into this chain and give plenty of details to help you along your way should you ever attempt such a thing yourself.
In farm news, we traded in our skittish, little sheep for a sheep that’s been crossed with a teddy bear. Aside from raising chickens from eggs for eggs, having them around has provided me with models for carving and hours of observational entertainment. Our boy sheep Kebob made his last escape as a welcome guest for Easter dinner and our chicken-killing dog Santos found a happy home far away, but we also added some new members to our flock.
The Museum for the Decorative Arts or Kunstgewerbemuseum is one art museum in a forum of museums and cultural hotspots near Potsdamerplatz in Berlin.
This Renaissance piece, a pod of wooden prayer peas, would have been handy in times of war.

Now as an adult I’ve developed an inordinate fondness for collecting firewood and, if the weather is suitable, would find nothing more pleasing than to spend the afternoon hauling heaps of composted manure into our garden. This weekend our neighbors helped us break ground for my art studio and a greenhouse, marking not just an important milestone in my twenty year career but also bringing my story full circle.
I made contact with the owner of this small store in Linum and for the past two weekends was allowed to squat outside with a stand as visitors craned their necks to more closely observe the grus grus I’d carved. I know it will take longer to post the project but I for one feel I will get more from this. This piece of wood is long enough that I can fit in a nice variety of different elements and show how you can make one flow into the other in a virtually seamless manner. She reminds me that there’s always something that needs to be done and other things to look forward to, that a life on the land is full of purpose and meaning.

I am sure their have been others that i have forgotten about but these latest builds are inspirational. The 8-barred version starts off a lot differently, in a manner that one would not confuse for chain links. Those of you who followed my thread about making a ball in a cage in a cage in a cage will find that when working with linear stock, the forstner bit trick does not work.
Not me, mine will be a full fledged piece of wooden jewelry which will work for the woodworking and woodcarving clubs.

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