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Elmer's Carpenter's Color Change Wood Filler (16oz) dries white although it appears purple when first applied to your interior wood projects. Yes, and I have just discovered this while installing wooden countertops I hoped to stain a deep reddish-brown. Watch as our Color Change Wood Filler goes from purple to white; after the change, you’re ready to paint, stain or sand! Today on Before & After Basics, I want to discuss using wood filler to repair damage and fill unwanted hardware holes.
Apply the wood filler to the damaged area or unwanted hardware holes and even it all out with the putty knife. Recently picked up a free table from craigslist and at first I thought I would just paint it white – but once I started sanding I realized I really like the idea of staining the wood instead.

Our patented formula is great for fixing holes, dents, scratches, gouges and any other defects on interior wood surfaces. Most of the wood filler should be applied to the damaged part of your piece and not on the wood outside the damage but, especially with large fixes, there may be some overlapping. Time will vary depending on the size of the area filled, but a hardware hole is usually dry in a couple of hours. After sanding the area, make sure it is completely smooth and filled to the surface of the wood. I have found that the wood filler and sanded areas accept the paint differently, so priming the piece ensures an even surface for a nice smooth paint finish.
After the color filler dries to white, easily finish and stain or paint your wood to make it look brand new!

I was really worried that the filler wouldn’t take the stain, which would be especially obvious on a table top. You can also visit Elmer’s Wood Filler and Repair section to find more products that fit your needs.
It is really important to use a quality wood filler, especially when filling large damaged areas so there aren’t any shrinking and cracking issues.

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