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This process can be achieved by using a coping saw and a lot of elbow grease, but is a slow process. The EasyCoper and BaseCoper are an ingenious solution which makes the coping process a snap. The second step in the coping process is to place the molding in the jig so that the front of the molding does not extend past the face of the jig. After you've made your cut as far as you can go without cutting into the jig, slide the molding to the left side of the jig and complete the cut. At first glance the BaseCoper looks flat, but there is a light angle to the jig that causes it to project downward.
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For probably 95 percent of the work you'll do with a coping sled, this bare-bones phenolic model is all you'll ever need.

We’ve previously posted the EasyCoper, a jig that takes advantage of your jigsaw to make coping crown molding easier. If the molding extends too far past the face of the jig the foot of the jig saw will bump into it as you cut. I don't want to miter it, and can't figure out the angle for the coping cut and how the flat cut meets the wall. Just mark where the cope will fit and jigsaw most of the material away from that line back towards the wall, leaving the very bottom intact. It is important to keep the foot of the jig saw flat against the surface of the jig during the cut. If you are going to be installing crown molding or base molding these two jigs are a must have.
David Collins uses a nifty rotating jig for coping those corners - that allows you to turn the crown to the angle of the cope, so the blade on your saw can be held plumb - which is the easiest way to cut a cope without wasting energy on over-backcutting.

On my mockups I was cutting the coped just like a standard inside corner (at 22.5 instead of 45) and coping away and getting really crappy results.
To make the job easier and safer, a coping sled holds the frame rails securely and squarely as you rout the profile across the end grain using your router table or shaper.
The first part of the instructions detail how to cut the 45 degree miter that is required before coping. You can buy replacement backer blocks for each model, but it's easy to make your own from scrap wood. And where the Easycoper was a fixed angle jig, the Speed Cope adjusts to almost any compound angle.

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