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Solve your clamp-storage problems once and for all with one or more of our five custom holders.
As a convenience to allow you to view this free woodworking plan before downloading it, we now offer a page-by-page review. For more woodshop helpers and organization ideas, visit the Organizers and Accessories section in the WOOD Store.
My problem with clamps is MY Failure to return them to proper storage after use for the next task.

Build a wine rack with built-in wine glass storage, A wine rack can be a very nice addition to any kitchen. Wood bike rack woodworking plans and information at, Bike rack build your own bike rack using a few pieces of 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 lumber. These clever wall-hung helpers not only keep all your clamps at arm's reach, they also look great doing it.
I appreciate the author taking the time to put them on paper and I also appreciate Wood Magazine for making them available to everyone free-of-charge.

I have about the same number of clamps but more manufactures and types that have deep jaws etc.

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