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If you love the vintage look of the Victorian era, consider adding a wood burning kitchen stove to your home.
If you're considering a wood burning stove for your kitchen, make sure you get one that fits the rest of the kitchen's style and decor. The Fireview is a custom-built wood burning stove that can heat your home while you cook dinner. The Flame View is a Victorian style cook stove that would not be out of place in a Steam Punk kitchen. Ashland Cook Stoves are simple, classic wood burning stoves that will fit in with country and farmhouse style kitchens. Cooking with a wood burning stove is much slower and more complicated than cooking with a modern gas or electric stove. The entire surface of the stove is used for cooking, and you control the temperature by moving pots to different areas of the stove top. You control the temperature of the fire and oven by opening and closing the vents on the stove. The round lids on the stove top enable you to access the inside so that you can clean away the ash that builds up. There are very important safety issues you need to be aware of when using a stove that burns wood.

Read the instruction manual for your stove cover to cover before attempting to install or use the stove.
It's important to keep your stove clean; grease accumulation is a common reason for kitchen fires.
It's a big investment, but these classy stoves add old fashioned charm and warmth to any kitchen.
While many stoves evoke the Victorian era, there are many more that will fit into country style and transitional homes as well. These high-efficiency stoves use an air-jet reburn design to get the most use, heat and longevity out of the wood you burn, so you get even cooking times and temperatures.
If you decide to add a wood burning stove to your kitchen, you should research and learn the basics of how to cook with one first. This way you have the option of being able to cook and prepare meals quickly when you don't have the extra time that is required to successfully cook with a wood burning stove. However, if your electricity goes out, you will still be able to cook with a stove like this. Pull up some chairs with family or friends to enjoy the warmth of the stove and exchange stories while you savor the smells of slow home cooked meals. These Amish-built stoves are extremely energy efficient with a firebox that will heat up to 2,500 square feet.

The Flame View comes with a variety of options and sizes, as well as in both white and black to fit in with a number of different kitchen decors.
They have an optional waterfront for hot water applications, and an easy to use stove top with thermostat. All stoves come with overhead warmers and have the option of nickel Victorian trivets for detail. They have the largest fireboxes of any wood burning stove on the market, which means they will burn longer and hotter than many other stoves out there. This can cause an explosion of hot coals that can easily catch fire if they come into contact with clothing, paper, wood and items like kitchen towels or oven mitts.
This is great for keeping your kitchen warm but could cause a can of fuel to heat to the point of bursting open. You can also season the stove's cooking surface the same way you would season cast iron cookware to prevent it from rusting. Best of all, The Kitchen Queen is reasonably priced with small models starting at around $2,300.

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