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If you've always longed to grow your own palm tree in New York, but thought they were only meant to grow in tropical islands, you will find the Windmill Palm to be a dream come true. It is one of the most cold hardy palms available on the market today and can withstand temperatures as low as 5 degrees. The opportunities to use this gorgeous tree are endless, so order your very own Windmill Palm today. The cold hardy Windmill Palm is sometimes referred as the Chinese Windmill Palm and is also known as the Chusan palm.
A double trunk 30 gallon at least 5ft tall from soil already fruiting monster Windmill Palm. Characterized by its slender brown fibrous trunk with small fan leaves, the Windmill Palm is a very slow grower and can reach 30' in height.
Growing palms in a colder climate does not make them any hardier than they would be otherwise. As such, the Windmill Palm is a cold hardy palm, which has adapted and acclimated to extreme cold temperatures through-out the year and is one of the cold hardiest of palms.

Also Collector Palms sale ends in 2 days and their 15 gal trachys will be back up to $250 before shipping. This palm is very good in tight spots, only needing a 3'-4' planting diameter, and should be planted where it will receive full sun to slight shade. Ants can be a problem for this palm, and aphids and mealy bug are often found on their center frond area. If I bought something from Collector Palms I too would defend they're quality and size to the death. It will help keep the pests under control if the palm is periodically sprayed with Dursban or Diazinon.
I forgot to mention the palms sold by Collector Palms (grown down in Texas) don't stand a chance at being as hardy as the Chilly palms (grown in York SC) from the get go.
And Josh, a palm grown in a hotter climate of the same species will often have greater hardiness to cold not less! Which depends on the overall health of the palm tree, the age, when it was transplanted and how long it’s been stationary for and the environment in which it was grown in.

Chinese Windmill Palms are a common landscape sight throughout most of Europe, the United States, and Canada.
However frmmi there was no need to say Chilly's 30 gallon monster was small just because you bought a smaller 15 gallon from Collector Palms.
Gardeners will agree, the Windmill Palm is great for the Northern United States and for its durable nature to overcome most disease and insects. Palm trees are also great for indoors because they act as a natural humidifier and detoxifier by removing Carbon Monoxide and replacing the air with fresh Oxygen.

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