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Please send info about where this table can be purchased or how to get instructions to build it. I could not find any similar DIY plans for this but should be pretty easy for you carpenter types to figure out. The Norbo wall mounted table is simple, it folds down to a slim profile but still give great work space. Here is the ANN sink, which includes the faucet, its small, wall mounted and for $80 is really inexpensive, many of know that you can easily pay 100 bucks for the faucet alone!
Referring to the Project Diagram, crosscut these parts to the specified lengths from your 1 x 2s: leg stiles (A), leg rails (B), long support cleats (C), short support cleats (D), tabletop cleats (E), tabletop slats (F), and hinge cleats (H). To mount the table to your house, clamp two hinge cleats (H) to a face of the wall cleat (G), flush with the top edge and ends of the wall cleat, where shown. Fold down the table leg assembly, and position the free end of the tabletop on the wall cleat assembly, tight against the house with the tabletop cleat (E) resting on the upper hinge cleats (H). We hope, you can find comprehensive information and guides about Folding Wall Tables Luxury Decorating Ideas With Folding Wall Mounted Table Plans PDF Flow Bench Plans 600x450 and folding wall tables, which are able to give more value for your own residence. This photo of Folding Wall Tables Luxury Decorating Ideas With Folding Wall Mounted Table Plans PDF Flow Bench Plans 600x450 has dimension 600 x 450 pixels, you can download and get the Folding Wall Tables Luxury Decorating Ideas With Folding Wall Mounted Table Plans PDF Flow Bench Plans 600x450 photo by right click on the right click to get the high definition version.

I'm thinking of haunched M&T joints to make the legs construct to give reasonable strength, and joining the legs and the top to the wall-mounting block with a long hinge to give a fair amount of torsional resistance to being leant on or bumped.
Align the outer edges of the leg stiles (A) with the long support cleats (C) and the unattached hinge leaves on the outer leg rail (B) with the outside edge of a tabletop cleat (E). If you wish, you can prime and paint (instead of staining) the wall cleat (G) and bottom pair of hinge cleats (H) a color to match your house. Using a helper to hold the table in place, screw-mount the lower leaves of the butt hinges (attached to the tabletop cleat) to the front edges of the upper hinge cleats. Essentially brackets are designed to carry vertical loads and if your working surface is a sensible length then you are going to be tending to twist the bracket out of the wall when you put any weight on the end of it. It might be strong enough, but that will depend to a large extent on the quality of the wall and the fixings you use. One day somebody will decide it's a convenient place to put the Christmas turkey for carving and you don't want that to end up on the floor, do you.So, My advice is to stick with hinged legs, but I have a similar situation on some table extensions I made last year with hinged legs that I didn't want to put braces on and it's a constant pain. The table has been recommended by many professional designers, so you should not hesitate to give it a try!
Next, screw-mount the remaining pair of hinge cleats (H) to the wall cleat assembly, where shown, driving one screw of each pair into the wall cleat (G) and the other screw into the lower hinge cleat (H).

Drill mounting holes for suitable screws through the wall cleat and into the house, where shown. To close the table, hold the tabletop level, raise the leg assembly until it contacts the tabletop bottom, and rotate the folded assembly against the house. I wondered if you could get away with using longer legs and tuck them back at an angle so that they are hard against the wall where it meets the floor. Back to folding wall tables Picture Gallery of the Folding Wall Tables Luxury Decorating Ideas With Folding Wall Mounted Table Plans PDF Flow Bench Plans 600×450 Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.
Verify that the outer slats are aligned with the ends and outside edges of the tabletop cleats (E) and the cleat assembly is centered side to side (2 inches in from the outer slats).
To make the table attached or secured on your wall, you probably will need help from a professional. I don't think the visible hinge on the table top would ruin the design, but worried if they'd be strong enough when being leant on in use.

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