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Victorian Gingerbread, Architectural Details including; Victorian style Woodwork, home restoration wood products, gingerbread trim, porch posts, porch columns, brackets, spandrels, spindles, gable decorations, running trim, balusters, window valence, window cornice, corbels, scroll work, porch railings, screen doors, screen door brackets, fireplace mantles, kitchen islands, Post mounting hardware.
A "Victorian" is a house constructed during the Victorian era, a time when industrialization brought new building materials and techniques, resulting in rapid changes in architecture.
Victorian house plans tend to be large and irregular, featuring a multitude of bays and roof elements at varying heights. Victorian house plans typically feature at least two stories with, with steep complex rooflines. No matter, Mary and I love the look of gingerbread on Victorian homes; we like to call them "porches on steroids"! One has to be very careful about the dormer window and its placement in order to use this type of gingerbread. Later in the Victorian era, the Queen Anne style and the Arts and Crafts movement increased in influence, resulting in the transition to styles typically seen in Edwardian houses.

Laden with turrets, porches, and bays and embellished with gingerbread, shingles, and fanciful windows, Victorian home plans are like snowflakes: no two are alike. Ideal for creative homeowners who want a one-of-a-kind home, Victorian house plans are a great way to express your individuality.
Victorian house generally means any house built during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901). Wonderfully fanciful, Victorian architecture was popular in the United States from 1875 through the turn of the century. These peaks represent a small sample of the endless array of Victorian Gingerbread used in the Victorian era.
The gingerbread trim we commonly associate with Victorian home plans could be mass-produced thanks to the development of the steam-powered scroll saw and lathe, making it affordable, accessible, and nearly ubiquitous through the late 19th century. Victorian sub-styles include Gothic Revival, Queen Anne or Eastlake, Stick style, Second Empire, and Shingle style.

Evoking the candy-decorated gingerbread house that Hansel and Gretel found in the woods, Victorian architecture had its basis in more practical matters. While there are a variety of Victorian Styles, perhaps the style most associated with the term "Victorian" is Queen Anne, the most elaborate of the Victorian Styles. Thanks to their irregular massing, Victorian floor plans tend to be free-form and rambling. A Victorian house plan offers a starting point that can be interpreted and personalized in an infinite number of ways. The traditional barge-board Victorian Gingerbread below runs the full length of the roofline and presents a lighter approach and less interference with any windows.

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