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Finally, the ultimate deep sky telescope is available to satisfy your obsession for the best performance and your demand for a superbly crafted instrument. Obsession telescopes are built with aircraft grade ApplePly™ (see below), the finest plywood in the world for strength and beauty.
We support our primary mirror with a custom-made 9, 18 or 27-point stainless steel flotation cell, not with plywood cells like some other telescopes.
Proper annealing, thicker mirror blanks, diffraction limited optics, high performance coatings, and a slower focal ratio add up to the ultimate deep sky optical system.

Coupled with a super smooth 2" ultra-low profile Crayford focuser from JMI (the ball bearing DX3), the eyepiece is as close as possible to the secondary without vignetting the light path. The competition uses cheap imitation birch or oak plywood with unsightly wide soft wood filler veneers. In addition, we use only 2" thick glass so no bendy astigmatic thin mirrors like others may use. In addition, Obsessions are constructed with a full Baltic Birch light baffle at the top edge of the mirror box to maximize image contrast and to increase the strength of the box.

The rocker assembly is constructed of double thickness side walls and is ultra-low profile. Baltic Birch is the ultimate construction plywood for a large aperture portable telescopes.

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