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Was planning and designing to add a canopy to the Farmhouse bed plans that you have provided on my own. I did change it up a bit, first, I used 4x4 posts instead of the pencil legs, I did this to keep costs with in reason, second, I changed the Headboard layout a bit, now I have 4 squares instead of the 4 thats showing.
It's still cheaper than buying a quality bed of this design by far, but for me, the cheapest option from Osborn would set me back $350. So anyway, I'm humbly sharing the plans with you below, but you MUST right now go check out Jaime's building post, with tons more photos and tips.

I just finished making this bed, it turned out pretty good for being the first thing I have ever made. I also plan on staining a really dark color, almost black which I hope will cut down on the different woods showing.
I am thankful you posted these-my husband (the GT from above) had spent most of the afternoon planning measurements for the canopy part. I wish I had the room in my home for such a huge piece, but unfortunately I don't, so I'll just have to be satisfied with a regular farmhouse bed.

The different woods I used I am afraid will turn out different colors, but to help with this I plan on doing a primer or whatever.

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