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Special thanks to Tamara for her hard work - this bed is a huge project, and she put a tremendous amount of work into it! "I have finally finished this Big Boy bed for my son. A huge THANKS goes out to Ana for once again drawing up some plans that were easy to follow and gave me exactly what I wanted for my son's bed. The extra storage would be amazing, but I know they would both no doubt pull out the drawers and use them as steps. I've been scouring craigslist for a bed I can afford, but you are a genius and saved the day.I can't wait to get started!!
If you are building wardrobe towers on either side of the Storage Bench, you’ll want to wait until after those are built to add the large face on the outside of the entire platform bed as shown in the picture below. You’ll want to build drawer fronts like you did for the sides that fit the faceframe on the end of the bed.

Between babies being born (my sister's), trips, kayaking, sailing and entertaining my little dudes, this bed took me a lot longer to finish than I had expected. You ROCK Ana!!!"This bed could also be made without the drawers, using storage cubbies instead. I attached mine underneath the drawer boxes flush to the back side and flush with the end that attaches to the headboard. With this in mind, I am going to encourage you to build your trundle to the specifications of your bed. We are moving our daughter into a twin bed pretty soon and I was dreading shopping for a decent bed frame.
BUT, I will say that when get ready to build bed #2 for my youngest son, I will approach things with a little more 'know-how'.

I am now thinking of maybe converting this plan to TODDLER size so that I can use a crib mattress! Now we might just have to try one of your plans and this trundle would be perfect storage for now and as a bed in the future.
I knew I wanted to have lots of storage because my boys are sharing a room and these will serve as their beds and their dressers.
There is 6 drawers to each side, and for now I have one side up against the wall that I use as storage for things we only use a couple times a year.

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