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When GMC went under (reported on here around 1 Dec 08) one of the silent victims was the much anticipated baby Triton router (revealed here in June 08). To change router bits, you still have to plunge the router to full depth (out through the base), which although is brilliant for table-mounted routers with a macro height adjustment, does not seem anywhere near as much of an advantage with one you have to get there by pushing against the spring, then engaging the plunge lock to change router bit. The Triton router plunge spring is pre-compressed significantly, so it isn’t so much increasing the spring force, but decreasing the amount of preload. There has been a bit of confusion about the Triton Router Template guide kit in a number of forum posts, so I thought I’d go through a few of the aspects here for the sake of clarity. This is the kit for the MOF001, the 1400W Triton Router.  However, I always recommend that owners buy this kit even if they have the larger 2400W router (although if you are in the US or UK, I would investigate the contents of this kit just to make sure my observations hold true over there). If you are fitting the baseplate for the 2400W router, it is placed directly on top of the router here, then the plastic baseplate is put back on top.

You can now use the original screws to secure the baseplate to the router, and fitting the template guide baseplate is complete. In some cases, you want to use the template guide with a router bit that is too large to fit through the hole in the guide.  In this case, you will put the bit through the template guide before actually fitting the guide, then tighten the collet on the bit, and then secure the template guide. You do need to ensure that the shaft length of your router bit is long enough to still be fully inserted into the collet. As you may also see, the Triton template guides have gaps in them – this is so the dust collection system of the Triton router can still operate with the guides fitted.
There are 7 different template guide sizes in the Triton kit, and they are used with different router bits, and templates.  The smaller the template guide, the sharper the corner that can be achieved, but also the smaller the bit itself needs to be to fit. So hopefully that helps answer any questions you have about fitting the Triton template guides!

Not sure about the availability of the 1400W router – it is still on the Carbatec website here, but the pricing etc has been removed. A router that cannot do the job of the larger ones because of the features dropped, but one that hasn’t adopted new features to make it an optimum design for handheld routing. As a router newbie, I REALLY look forward to the piece on actually using template guides — especially given how good this piece is!

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