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This version has a couple drawers at the bottom, with hidden pulls for little hands, that are great for books and crayons.
This unit was built from cherry, with solid legs and edges, and furniture grade cherry plywood sides. This piece could equally have been built with walnut, mahogany, oak, pecan, or any other furniture wood.

The "grandpa's toy box" that I built, above, was loved by the grandkids (I have seen pictures of them hugging it with glee), and is also suitable furniture it an adult environment, whether in the grandparents home or in the high school or college room, or the young adult's apartment. Depth: This unit is 18 inches deep, similar to a typical chair, buffet, or chest of drawers. Drawers The two drawers are about 4 inches high on the outside, giving about 3 inches storage height in the drawers.

This traveling tool toy chests with drawers box is designed to hold your and a fence, mill a stopped groove in two adjacent.

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